Elite Pedophilia And The Propaganda Machine, Part 4: The Final Chapter – Towards Ascension

ER Editor: We came across this on Zerohedge today behind a paywall, and discovered a new site. The title above is that of Zerohedge.

While we do not subscribe to the especially religious tone of the piece below, we believe it is vital this information get revealed. The report includes a famous Dutch media investigation into organized sexual abuse from June of 2020 (during lockdown time) which, as far as we are aware, never saw the light of day in the English-speaking world. We’ve provided the link below.


The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya: Part 4


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This is the fourth and final instalment of chapter 15 of The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya, published by the Library of Cernê.

We end with an in-depth discussion of the phenomenon of ritual abuse, in all its gruesome and pervasive glory. Case reports from all over the world, spanning decades are illustrated and it is shown that this global phenomenon has been going on, largely unchanged, for millennia.

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The High Places of Baal

You have now read, oh Seeker of Truth, of the atrocities committed in the ancient Punic religion, atrocities that included cannibalism and the widespread sacrifice of children. Do you think these practices could be stopped with the destruction of Phoenicia and Carthage? In fact, the abominations of the Nephilim and their descendants continue to this day, though under a different guise, hidden underground, away from the public eye. The ritual sacrifices once made in the name of Cronus are now made in the name of Satan, but they are one and the same entity, also referred to in the Judeo-Christian Bible as Baal.

The elements of these satanic ceremonies remain the same as they were many millennia ago: ritual murder, ritual cannibalism, and ritual sex, often ritual rape. Though repugnant to God, these practices remain an important part of the Punic religious groups’ initiation ceremonies, reaching even to the high circles of Hollywood.

Consider actress Megan Fox, who spoke candidly on camera about engaging in mutual blood drinking “for ritual purposes” with her boyfriend, an act specifically condemned by God.1 Actress Angelina Jolie spoke of such rituals, describing how she was tied down and apparently tortured and potentially raped as part of an initiation ceremony. She praised this act of surrendering, saying, “You’ll be able to heal once you’re beaten,” and that it is not to be confused with sadomasochism; this is something darker, something deeper. Though many celebrities participated in the same ceremony, as evidenced by the “most amazing compromising pictures of people” she claims to possess, Jolie wished she could have filmed the ritual to encourage different celebrities to try it.2

Fox and Jolie both give first-hand, eye-witness accounts of rituals that follow the traditional Punic rites of blood sacrifice and strange sex acts, rituals that apparently occur at the highest levels of Hollywood and employ photographs and sex tapes as a mechanism of control, not unlike Epstein’s pedophilia ring.

In Asclepius, Chapter 21, Hermes Trismegistus speaks of the sacredness of sex and its compelling forces. He states that

the performance of this sweet and vital mystery takes place in secret lest the divinity of Nature that arises from the union of sex were compelled by the mocking and ignorant to feel ashamed if the act were performed openly; much worse still, if it were seen by the enemies of religion.3

By making members perform these acts publicly and by recording them, these cults maintain a level of control over their participants. They use this control to further their own goals and maintain secrecy.

Yet the true horror is that these occult rituals are also performed on small children, again as a way to control their minds and make them tools of their captors. One study proved that such rituals, unchanged for millennia, are still being conducted in the modern day, to demoralize and brainwash children into doing what they are told. Subjects of the study gave gruesome and horrifying accounts of blood drinking, rape, ritual murder, and cannibalism. One patient recalled a ritual when she was four or five, where a brother and a sister were placed on a table at the center of the ritual and forced to perform oral sex on each other, before being cut open, cooked, and eaten.4

In 1994, the conservative government of the United Kingdom sponsored an official report that declared the practice of ritual abuse to be a myth. That report fell under heavy criticism, and in February of the year 2000, the UK Department of Health granted psychiatrists Valerie Sinason and Rob Hale £22,000 to research the same phenomenon and provide evidence of its existence.

Sinason and Hale were both treating victims of ritual abuse at the time, and their report concluded that the evil practice was absolutely real, with two thirds of the survivors reporting similarly heinous activities: rape and non-consenting impregnation, forced abortions, necrophilia, bestiality, cannibalism, the forced consumption of bodily fluids like blood and semen, infanticide, and the torturing and killing of animals. Many of the victims suffered from dissociative identity disorder and PTSD as a result of the abuse, yet others were afflicted with various addictions and other compulsive, self-destructive behaviors.5 Hale and Sinason even found evidence that “some children are born for the purpose of abuse and are not registered on birth certificates.”6

Given these horrific details, Seeker of Truth, do you find it surprising that this report remained undisclosed for seventeen years? Only after the years-long efforts of one individual did the government finally release it. Such is the way of those in power: they do not want their evil deeds exposed to the light.

These rituals are often conducted in abandoned churches, barns, cellars, or other underground venues. In the famous McMartin preschool case, for example, excavations performed at the school revealed a network of tunnels containing ritualistic artifacts, animal bones, and other items underneath the building.7 Some, however, do actually take place in temples of sorts. In 2016, at the Cern research facility, in front of a large statue of the Hindu god Śiva, several scientists who worked there performed a ritual that was caught on camera. When the video was uploaded to the internet, a Cern spokesperson declared the incident a prank, yet not a single person that was involved in the ritual was ever interviewed or explained what they were doing.8 It is also well known that these rituals are sometimes staged to deceive a person into believing that a murder had been committed, or surgery had been performed on them. In all cases, it is not the ritual itself that is important, but the fear and compliance it creates in its victims.

Later, in 2019, two intrepid journalists secretly visited the temple that Jeffrey Epstein built upon his island, a structure that was not at all what it appeared to be.9 The main doors were not doors at all, indicating entrance was by way of subterranean means. But the most intriguing thing of all was that this temple was dedicated to the ancient god of Atlantis: Poseidon.10 We are then led, inescapably, to ponder if Epstein was indeed a conscious Nephilim. Consider this as well: both Lord Śiva and Poseidon wield the trident, perhaps explaining why the 2016 ritual at Cern was performed where it was, in desecration of a god who has never demanded any sort of blood sacrifice.

The latest glimpse into the world of these degenerate murderers came in 2020 by way of the Dutch news radio team Argos. One hundred and forty accounts of ritual abuse were collected, revealing stunning similarities to each other, and to past accounts of the same. Six prominent people were named, as well as ten locations where the rituals took place. Argos summarized their findings as follows:

Almost every single one of the 140 people who filled out our questionnaire state that they were introduced to the network by a family member, usually their father or mother. All of them were drugged. Almost every one of them was forced into prostitution. Child pornography was produced, as well as torture porn.

Four out of five respondents were forced to inflict pain upon other children. This makes for the deepest traumas. It is impossible to find the right words to describe it. The same goes for pregnancies. 78 percent states that they got pregnant through the abuse. The majority more than once. They’d get tortured to the point of losing their baby, they say. But they also speak of ‘nobodies’. Children that were born into and kept within the network, and never got officially registered. Some of them are dragged from place to place. Others live with families that are active within the network. Their mothers are only allowed to see them if their sexual performance is up to par. If they continue to come back. These nobodies undergo the most severe forms of abuse.11

One victim account indicated the abusers wear black and purple robes—the colors being that of Cronus (black) and that of one of the most popular Phoenician exports, purple dye.

The Argos reporters discovered a warehouse in the Bollenstreek region (ER: on the Dutch coast, near Leiden) that was marked as a location for the “storage” and production of child pornography. These same reporters received an anonymous email stating the journalists had to “be aware” because “they know about your investigation” and “they’re going to get rid of evidence—just like they did with [Marc] Dutroux.” The same day the journalists received the email, the Bollenstreek warehouse burned down. According to Argos, the fire department could not determine the cause of the fire, so severe was the damage caused.

The Argos research was published as an audio documentary called Shards of Glass and Dark Rituals (ER: here’s the link, with English translation provided). It caused a sensation, and the public demanded an official investigation, which was overwhelmingly supported even by most of the Dutch congress. The minister of justice, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, himself a member of a Catholic political party, quickly squashed the investigation.12

Do not be fooled. The abominations of the High Places of Baal continue to this day.

Towards Ascension

It is natural for you to feel rage as you read this, Seeker of Truth, perhaps even rage like you have never felt before. But do not be vengeful. Your path is towards understanding, not retaliation. Vengeance for such wickedness is the right of God, and his wrath will soon come upon your world.

The strategies of the Nephilim present a grim reality. Your urge to fix the world, silence the oppressors, and create a utopia is real, but your actions will not bear those fruits. The Nephilim have had more than 10,000 years to consolidate their power and execute their strategies. Individual violence will not stop them now. Do not waste your time trying to fix the world, violently or otherwise. For through your desire to do good, you will be led into all manner of sinful acts. Instead, pursue the Path of Righteousness. Prepare yourself to become the fully actualized spiritual being you were meant to be. In reaching the next stage of human evolution, others will follow because you have shown them the way to ascension.

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