Dr Vernon Coleman [VIDEO]: ‘How Many Billion Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Kill or Damage?’

ER Editor: Here are some main points from Dr. Coleman’s excellent video discussion on gene-altering vaccines, which we recommend watching in its entirety:

  • Bananas and potatoes are now being genetically engineered to vaccinate people. A vaccine is being planned to vaccinate babies against 40 different diseases. This information comes from 2011.
  • Food-based / plant-based vaccines are now on their way, such as in GMO tomatoes. The idea is to modify the genes of a fruit or vegetable, so that it becomes an effective vaccine.
  • Big Pharma are always looking for new markets and new ways to produce vaccines.
  • The ‘old faithfuls’ continue – new flu jabs, etc., which bring in the bacon. The only certainty is that vaccines are still big business for not only pharma but also for doctors. COVID-19 is vaccine bonanza time AND for the doctors administering them.
  • The covid testing program right now is, at best, only 50% accurate. So the false positives sustain the myth of a dangerous virus, justifying lockdowns and vaccines.
  • Vaccine testing & Side Effects: initial testing NEVER shows up the dangerous side effects and deaths, etc. It takes 10-15 years to develop a vaccine, with rules and regulations in place because of all the things that HAVE gone wrong with them. Billions have been secretly paid out to those who’ve been injured over the years. At first, vaccines are tested to see if they produce antibodies and are tested on animals over a couple of years. At this point, drug testing will often stop. But the animal testing stage has been skipped, going directly to test subjects, usually 100. If this stage is successful, phase 3 starts where it is tested on thousands against a placebo. If it goes well, the manufacturer applies for a licence. Then it becomes used for mass populations. This goes on over 10+ years.
  • Side effects can multiply over years as the vaccine interacts with other things such as drugs, vaccines and GMO foods. Drugs by mouth can at least be stopped if side effects are shown, but a vaccine once given cannot be stopped.
  • So how can the vaccine be safe if these steps are avoided? Around 30,000 adverse vaccine effects are reported every year. Around 3,000 – 4,500 are serious reactions in the US alone.
  • Will enough volunteers have been given to properly test it for side effects? Have people vaccinated been tested against a placebo? Six million people should have been tested first, but this won’t happen. No wonder Gates wants no legal liability. Individual doctors and nurses CAN be sued, however.
  • Some vaccine reactions will only occur MUCH LATER (months to years).
  • If 7 billion people get a vaccine in a matter of weeks, a rate of 1 reaction in 1,000 will produce 7 million deaths / adverse events such as brain damage much later on. Gates predicted a problem with 1 in 10,000 people being vaccinated, but he simply has no way of knowing this. And this death rate will exceed the death rate of COVID.
  • Who is going to monitor the adverse reactions much later on? Probably no-one.
  • Millions of doses of these vaccines are being bought without them even completing their tests!
  • Gates doesn’t have a trouble-free history. He GMO-modified mosquitoes, which didn’t go well. Current tests of new vaccines are showing adverse events (pain, fever, headaches, fatigue). These symptoms are worse than having covid itself. And most don’t even have more than mild covid symptoms.
  • The biggest problem of all is the way the vaccine is produced, the one which uses RNA/DNA technology to change our immune system and genetic code. Our cells turn into viral protein-making machines. Our DNA will be changed through injecting artificial/synthetic genes into us. Adverse reactions could take decades or generations to be seen. Even the WHO has admitted it doesn’t understand how this vaccine technology works on our immune systems. It’s a massive experiment, which is now undergoing clinical trials. Pharma knows it could be very harmful. Yet everyone producing it will not be liable.
  • COVID-19 does not kill more people than the flu, which makes a potentially harmful vaccine not worthwhile.
  • In January 2020, the Geneva Statement called for an end to experiments that edit the human genome.
  • It is possible this RNA vaccine could change the way we think, feel and interact with people around us. And that’s in addition to all the harms it could do. And nobody will debate it.
  • I’d rather be dead than have this vaccine change my mind, body and soul.

  • Everybody should be allowed to choose for themselves, and given the facts to do this.
  • In conclusion, Yale and the US govt are running a trial to determine the best words and phrases to use in order to persuade people to get the vaccine.


Dr Vernon Coleman: ‘How Many Billion Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Kill or Damage?’

Will we will become genetically modified beings through the administering of a new class of experimental vaccines? Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that no one knows what will happen. Many leading scientists want this mass experiment stopped, but time appears to be running out. Who can you sue if things go wrong  when the Big Pharma drug companies have been given immunity? 

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains how governments and vaccine companies are planning to inject us all with Covid-19 vaccines which could change our genes. Watch:

For more unbiased information about other important issues, please visit: http://www.vernoncoleman.com

Vernon Coleman’s book on vaccination is available on Amazon as a paperback and ebook.

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