Dr. Vernon Coleman – Is the Virus Scare a Hoax? [VIDEO]

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

The date of publication of this video is March 18, 2020, so the coronavirus statistics he quotes will have changed since then. Here is the link to Dr. Vernon Coleman’s website. On the left is a button for ‘Health’ with various articles on the coronavirus, etc. Dr. Coleman has been banned on mainstream media such as the BBC

We reiterate a point Dr. Coleman himself makes below: we don’t know what the real death rate is as the true number of people with the disease isn’t known. In other words, if many more people are actually sick (to some degree) but don’t die, which seems probable, then the actual death rate is VERY LOW.

We make an additional point: are people dying from the disease itself or from other illnesses they already have? Is the coronavirus a sort of tipping-over-the-edge mechanism for people already sick? A person’s state of health seems to be the biggest indicator of susceptibility to the coronavirus, a point he makes below. Also, he raises the issue of age: the over 70s now seem to be a target by the WHO and all our governments for neglect. He elaborates on this much more.

Dr. Coleman has not made his video available to be played anywhere other than on Youtube. Here is the link. Below, we offer the main points he raises and his thoughts on the agenda behind it all:

  • Regardless of what damage the coronavirus has done and will do, there’s no need for the panic and hysteria we’re seeing, and there’s no need for all the mass closures, which put people out of work.
  • Economies everywhere will be in a terrible state; death rates will go up(!) with the resulting unemployment. Suicide correlates with unemployment: this is a well-known relationship.
  • Why are governments exaggerating, and what are the hidden agendas? Here are some facts which can be easily checked —
  • According to the WHO: The number of deaths globally per year from ordinary flu is 250,000-600,000. Ordinary ‘flu is thus easier to catch than coronavirus. According to the US CDC: the number of people who contract ordinary flu can be up to 45 million a year.  For this year, the total number of deaths due to coronavirus is above 8,000. (ER: Today the figure has risen to 14,746. Please note the accompanying statistic of Cases of the coronavirus, 341,329. This seems absurdly low if one considers how many countries are supposedly afflicted by it. If true, this puts the death rate at 4.3%. If the numbers of cases are actually much greater, then the death rate goes way down.)
  • In a bad couple of months, ordinary flu kills about 100,000. Coronavirus has so far killed just over 8,000 (ER: see above). Compare the numbers.
  • Forecast: 80% will get coronavirus; around the world, tens of millions will need to be hospitalized. In the UK the forecast is half a million who will need to be hospitalized.
  • The UK media has been hysterical.
  • Recall the ’80s and ’90s: we were told that AIDS would affect every single one of us. It didn’t happen. We were also told SARS would kill vast numbers of people, ditto for Mad Cow disease and Ebola, etc.
  • In the UK, they’ve been telling people over 70 to stay in their homes for varying lengths of time, from 3 months to 18 months. This is odd because a person’s health status is more indicative of getting the coronavirus than their age. Chest diseases are an indicator. So now the UK government wants this category of person to stay home in addition to the elderly.
  • Death rate of the coronavirus: they’re only testing for the coronavirus in hospitals, and then only with seriously ill patients. A certain number of people in the community will have the coronavirus in some form but they’re not getting tested for it. So it means the death rates they’re giving us will be actually SMALLER in relation to the total number of people (undetermined) with the disease. (ER: we explained this point above.) This is important because the government wants to exaggerate the number. So if 10,000 have the disease, and 4 people die, that is a tiny rate of death (.004%). If 100 people have the disease with the same number of deaths (4), however, then the death rate will be 4%. We need to know how many people may be ill or otherwise carrying it in order to determine the real death rate (%).
  • Opinion: this is all part of a demonisation and marginalisation of the elderly. Doctors have said they won’t be able to treat the over 70s regardless of their health problems since they’ll be too busy treating others with the coronavirus. Old people around the world are costing governments a lot of money – trillions in care and pensions. And governments are trying to reduce the care they provide. In the UK it’s often difficult for the elderly to get cheap treatment for macular degeneration, for example, which would stop them going blind. Yet there is money available for cosmetic surgery and gender reassignment. The WHO has helped governments everywhere by not obligating them to include in their illness-death statistics anyone over 70 who dies. So these people simply don’t count; governments aren’t accountable for them. The UK has also had the mis-named ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ programme under which elderly people, especially in hospitals, are deprived of food and water so they die, which frees up hospital beds. (ER: this was a palliative ‘care’ program.) Once this manufactured crisis is over, the elderly will still be deprived of medical care.
  • Opinion: when the vaccine becomes available, it will be compulsory. Governments everywhere have been trying to introduce compulsory vaccination for some time. Once the coronavirus vaccine becomes compulsory, all vaccines will be compulsory.
  • Opinion: are we being led to a cashless society? Is the world economy being crashed without blaming the banks (since they’ve been quietly creating even more mayhem since the crash of 2008)? Taxes will go up a lot once this is over, and they’ll stay up.
  • Advice: check the death rate from the coronavirus in a few weeks’ time. If there haven’t been at least 50,000 to 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus by mid-April, we’ll know our governments have been exaggerating and why.



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