HILDBURGHAUSEN – The signatories in the advertising paper Südthüringer Rundschau include twelve doctors, including Volker Heinbuch, chief physician in geriatrics at the Hildburghausen Clinic, which specializes primarily in senior citizens.

The undersigned come from different medical fields: gynecology and obstetrics, general medicine, pediatric and adolescent medicine as well as internal medicine.

“We stand up for the right to physical integrity and we firmly oppose the discrimination against people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19,” the frontpage letter stated.

With a vaccination rate of just over 60 percent, Thuringia ranks third from the bottom (behind Saxony and Brandenburg). The vaccination rate is particularly low in the Hildburghausen district. Only 47.3 percent of the people there are fully vaccinated.

Three senior physicians from the Regiomed clinics in Hildburghausen and Coburg are among the signatories.

The management of the Regiomed clinics quickly distanced itself from the signatories. The employees are obliged “to align their work with the latest scientific findings and to observe and implement the protection against infection and the prescribed hygiene measures,” it said.

However, it is not clear which scientific findings are referred to by the management.  And whether the management, consisting of people with no medical qualifications, is in a position to evaluate the “scientific findings” in the same way as a chief physician can, is an open question.

Thuringia’s Minister of Health Heike Werner from the leftist party Die Linke said on November 25 at the Thuringian Hospital Forum in Erfurt: “It is counterproductive when medical staff stand behind calls to end all measures and to rely on personal responsibility.” Clearly leftists rely not on personal responsibility but rather on mainstream media lies as illustrated by the tweets below.