Coronavirus in Italy: “Covid no longer exists, someone is terrorizing the country” – ICU doctor

ER Editor: We bumped into this on Twitter. An Italian living in the UK, working as a municipal councilor, Francesco Lari, has been publishing Italian articles and videos through his Twitter account. Below is a translation (apologies for some roughness – we run these articles through DeepL translator) of a report from La Repubblica following Dr. Zangrillo’s controversial TV appearance this past weekend. Dr. Alberto Zangrillo is the head doctor and director of ICU at San Raffaele in Milan. He’s calling time on the whole covid charade, declaring that his countrymen have been terrorized.

This is a successive post from Lari:

We’ll be following up on this piece and watching for Francesco Lari’s interesting tweets.

What do you do when the virus is disappearing?

Why, you foment race riots and leave piles of bricks in convenient spots where rioters are likely to be!

In the report below, note how the contrary voices to Dr. Zangrillo are essentially saying ‘oh look, we have far fewer cases because the lockdown measures have worked’. Whereas many independent doctors and epidemiologists in the English-speaking sphere, which we’ve published on, have been saying that the virus peaked around March with maximum numbers of deaths following 3 weeks later – meaning it was all over by early April.


Coronavirus, Zangrillo: “Covid no longer exists, someone is terrorizing the country”. Richeldi: “No, the virus is circulating.”

The head physician at San Raffaele in Milan, director of the intensive care unit: “It’s been three months now that a series of numbers that have zero evidence have been running. The member of the scientific technical committee: “Misleading messages are wrong”


MILAN – Covid-19 “from a clinical point of view no longer exists”. Alberto Zangrillo, head of the intensive care unit at San Raffaele in Milan, is convinced of this. Words that immediately inflamed controversy among experts, with expressions of bewilderment and condemnation, especially by the scientists who are part of the technical scientific committee.
It all started during the more than half hour broadcast on Raitre, when Zangrillo said about his observations on the situation in the Lombardy Region: “I really feel like laughing. Today is the 31st of May and about a month ago we heard epidemiologists say that they were greatly afraid of a new wave by the end of the month/beginning of June, and who knows how many intensive care posts there would be to fill. In reality, the virus practically no longer exists from a clinical point of view.
“This – he added – says the University life-health San Raffaele [sic], says a study made by the virologist and director of the Institute of Virology, Professor Clementi, says, together with Emory University in Atlanta, Professor Silvestri. The swabs performed in the last 10 days have an absolutely infinitesimal viral load from a quantitative point of view compared to those performed on patients one month, two months ago. I say this aware of the drama experienced by patients who did not make it, but you cannot continue to bring attention, even in a ridiculous way, giving the word not to clinicians, not to real virologists, but to those who claim to be professors: the virus from a clinical point of view no longer exists”. Lucia Annunziata, the presenter of the broadcast, replied: “That’s a very strong claim you are making, professor. And the clinician replied: “I’ll sign it”.
The head physician of San Raffaele continued: “For three months now everyone has been telling us a series of numbers that have zero evidence, that have zero value: we have gone from Borrelli, from Brusaferro, to the president of the Superior Council of Health. All this has led to block Italy while we were working and now we who have seen the drama are asking to be able to leave quickly because we want to cure people who we otherwise cannot cure. We don’t give a damn about the championship or where Italians go on holiday, but we must return to a normal country because there is every evidence that this country can return to a normal life from today”.
According to the professor, “there is only one number that is worth” and “it is the evidence: we in this country heard a month ago a professor in Boston, who is an epidemiologist-statistician called Vespignani, influence the government’s choices by saying that 151,000 intensive care units should be built. Tomorrow there will be an editorial by myself and Professor Gattinoni in which we say officially why this is not good, why it is a frenzy, why terrorizing the country is something that someone has to take responsibility for, why our emergency rooms and our intensive care units are empty and why MERS and SARS, the two previous epidemics, have disappeared forever and therefore it is desirable that it also happens for the third coronavirus epidemic. We will have to be very careful, prepare ourselves, but not kill ourselves”.
To Zangrillo’s words the pulmonologist Luca Richeldi, member of the Scientific Technical Committee, replied: “The virus is still circulating and it is wrong to give misleading messages that do not invite caution. It is undoubtedly true and reassuring that the pressure on hospitals has been drastically reduced in recent weeks. However, it should not be forgotten that this is the result of the equally drastic measures taken in our country to contain the viral circulation”.
Moreover,” says Richeldi, “it is good to remember that viral circulation is a dynamic process, so gradualness and caution in the recovery of economic and social activities must remain our priority. Especially in light of the reopening on 3 June”. “After all, it is enough to see how unfortunately the situation is very different in countries such as Russia, Mexico or India, where – he concludes – these measures could not be so effective and have not given the comforting results we see in our country”.
On the same line the director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Spallanzani in Rome, Giuseppe Ippolito: at the moment “there is no evidence or published scientific study showing that the new coronavirus SarsCov2 has changed. Fortunately in Italy – he notes – we now have fewer serious cases and this shows that the containment measures adopted have borne fruit”.
Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council, is said to be bewildered. “I can only express great surprise and absolute bewilderment at the statements made by Professor Zangrillo with phrases such as ‘the virus clinically no longer exists’ and that ‘Terrorizing the country is something for which someone must take responsibility’. Just look at the number of new cases of positivity to SARS-CoV-2 that are confirmed every day to have demonstration of the persistent circulation of the new coronavirus”


Link to article below

Coronavirus, Zangrillo: “Il Covid non esiste più, qualcuno terrorizza il paese”. Richeldi: “No, il virus circola”

Coronavirus, Zangrillo: "Il Covid non esiste più, qualcuno terrorizza il paese". Richeldi: "No, il virus circola"
Alberto Zangrillo, primario del San Raffaele di Milano 

Il primario del San Raffaele di Milano, direttore della terapia intensiva: “Sono tre mesi che sciorinano una serie di numeri che hanno evidenza zero”. Il componente del comitato tecnico scientifico: “Sbagliati i messaggi fuorivianti”

MILANO – Il Covid-19 “dal punto di vista clinico non esiste più”. Ne è convinto il primario del San Raffaele di Milano Alberto Zangrillo, direttore della terapia intensiva. Parole che hanno immediatamente infiammato la polemica tra gli esperti, con espressioni di sconcerto e di condanna soprattutto da parte degli scienziati che fanno parte del comitato tecnico scientifico.

Tutto è cominciato durante la trasmissione Mezz’ora in più su Raitre, quando a proposito delle osservazioni sulla situazione della Regione Lombardia, Zangrillo ha detto: “Mi viene veramente da ridere. Oggi è il 31 di maggio e circa un mese fa sentivamo gli epidemiologi dire di temere grandemente una nuova ondata per la fine del mese/inizio di giugno e chissà quanti posti di terapia intensiva ci sarebbero stati da occupare. In realtà il virus, praticamente, dal punto di vista clinico non esiste più”.



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  1. It seems to be the usual charade where both sides are played at the same time and nothing at then is accomplished. It is the usual modus operandi in this country (Italy).

    I see some criminals (this is how I now call them) has already insinuated a ‘mutation’ to justify the lack of load in the PCR (swabs). None of them though says what is what, which is that all rt-PCRs are quantitative tests and not qualitative and that even its producers state (in some cases it is written on the very same box it arrives in at the hospitals and labs) that it should be NOT used to trace viruses.
    Yet, the criminals do it anyways.

    I have no doubt that they are preparing a second wave here, another plandemic that looks real only when the tv set is turned on.

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