Coronavirus Cancels Democracy, Creates Bailouts and Coup d’états [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Friday’s UK Column news program was hosted by Patrick Henningsen of 21st Centurey Wire along with regular Mike Robinson. We’re including some points raised in the broadcast – which is simply too important to ignore, but can’t recommend enough watching the video itself, which contains more precise data and information:

  • Parliament broke up for Easter break on Wednesday and won’t reconvene for a month, if at all in its present form. A virtual Parliament is being discussed. What does that mean? Democracy is suspended. US sources are also talking about changing democratic processes. The implications are wide-ranging. Could there be a constitutional crisis brewing in many countries?
  • Virtual government is being discussed for the US, too.
  • UK Coronavirus Bill was passed on Wednesday to become an Act, which means emergency measures will take place within hours of the bill passing. See Lord Newby: ‘…when this is all over, things will not revert to business as usual … but Democracies can never give the Executive a blank cheque.‘ And now we have done that, by closing Parliament (the Legislature which represents the people, which votes on vital things such as spending and resource allocation). In a democracy, it is voted on. But now it’s not. Spending can be done without public oversight. Are we a democracy if there’s no accountability on spending?
  • Secondary legislation / ‘statutory instruments’ are in operation, too. One involves justifying blocking people’s access to national parks which the public has traditionally had access to. (ER: Agenda 21 in operation?) Police are now restricting access in Wales and other parts of England using drone cameras to capture people’s behaviour. Problem: the statutory instrument that applies to Wales does not apply to England, so police are overstepping their authority. Further, walking in the country hardly constitutes a health hazard. Agencies seem to be making this up as they go along. Note the phrase, ‘fundamental behaviour change’ … is this what this is about?
  • MOMO figures highlighting excess mortality in EU countries (see For week 12, mortality rate is well below the average for this time of year in all age groups. So why are we seeing this political response to this event? We would expect different data under the circumstances. Only Italy, with a very aging population and high susceptibility to cardio-pulmonary problems, is an outlier for week 12.
  • The key issue is: the data isn’t showing the necessity for the political response we’re getting.
  • Several medical experts are now questioning the validity of the quarantine/mass panic approach, and wondering if the death rate being stated is actually far too high, and could be less than 1%, even in Italy. Further, are people dying because of the virus or with it? Some deaths are being stated as due to COVID when other conditions (independent pneumonia, for example) could have caused it.
  • Imperial College: Has been rolling back its gloom and doom prognotistications.
  • EU ‘enlargement’ is now a project, and has been since Brexit. There are some very dubious applicants, such as Albania with its embedded terrorist group MEK. Also Serbia, Turkey (with ISIS in tow), Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo (another hotbed of western-backed extremists). US is using the coronavirus situation to insist on lockdowns to influence regimes it doesn’t like.
  • Lay-offs are starting to ramp-up, with the demand for government benefits spiking. In the UK, this support (‘universal credit’) won’t come for several weeks. Norway’s unemployment rate is the highest since the 1930’s at 10%. Enough damage has already been done causing massive unemployment. US jobless claims are now at 3 million plus. In merely a few weeks, Main Street and the working class have been wiped out. How long will it take for the middle class’ savings to be dissipated? Small to medium sized businesses have been destroyed. The social fabric has been destroyed, too, not simply the economic aspect. Can they recover?
  • US state budgets are also in dire straits. The federal govt will be bankrupt if all are bailed out, but it’ll also be in control of individual states, causing a constitutional crisis. If bailouts aren’t given, states may go on their own. So will the union fracture as the crisis gets much worse? Bailouts are now at the rate of $2 TN every TWO weeks. How far can this go?
  • Bank loans in the UK are now only being guaranteed up to 80%. The borrower has to guarantee 20%, and will be liable first before the government is made liable for the rest. It’s a huge risk for business owners.
  • This all may result in a massive transfer of wealth & assets to the banks, like the subprime crisis, because debt levels are too high to be sustained.
  • Committed globalist Gordon Brown recently called for a Global Government structure in response to the virus crisis. It used to seem like a conspiracy theory … Brown is backed by powerful actors and financial institutions. People should take heed.


UKC News: Coronavirus Cancels Democracy, Creates Bailouts and Coup d’etats

Markets and economies continue to collapse as the West struggles to deal with the novel coronavirus, and so does democracy – with the US and UK changing their protocols and flouting their own constitutions in order impose a state of emergency. Meanwhile, the data and numbers being presented by governments regarding the fatality rates continue to fall short of an accurate picture of the situation. Will societies and democracies survive the fall-out from policy decisions made by Western leaders?

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up. Watch:

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