‘Cartels are running the immigration policy of this country’ – RFK Jr. blows the whistle on the US Southern Border

ER Editor: We highly recommend watching this short 18-minute video of an interview with Jimmy Dore and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who had spent 3 days down at the southern border. Here are a few of our notes. Notice that RFK Jr. uses direct language to describe the people coming across.

  • Migrants at the southern border come from a surprisingly WIDE RANGE of countries from around the globe, not just Mexico or Latin America, from a total of 117 nations. RFK Jr. estimates that in 3 years, 7 million people have come across the border illegally. They’re put on buses, taken for processing, and released on their own reconnaissance after a few days. They simply disappear. Their personal stories are heartbreaking; it’s a humanitarian crisis. The ‘open border’ policy is known across the world, leading to terrible personal stories of the people coming in. It’s also a bad thing for the US.
  • There is a Rape Tree where the cartels extract the final payment from women who cross. People are extorted, beaten, raped and exploited, including children. The other part of the issue is that people aren’t simply released after processing on the US side. They are given a choice of city to go to, and most don’t have money to get there. So the DHS will pay for a plane ticket and they’re flown there. They create huge burdens on the social service systems in those cities.
  • The border patrol is utterly demoralized. They can’t defend the borders anymore; they’re simply admitting people through. 9 of their agents have committed suicide in the last 2 years. The cartels are running everything at the border. They have tiktok and youtube videos showing what immigrants need to do to get in. They take $10,000 or $15,000 from these people around the world.
  • Kennedy interviewed everyone (around 300) in the lineup when he was at the border. They’re from everywhere because cartels advertise across the globe. You get a plane to Mexico City, you get your domestic visa with the help of the cartel and then fly to Mexicali. Large buses carrying around 55 people take these people to the US border, so you can see these buses emptying out. The patrol says they (cartels) time the ‘invasions’ of these ‘illegal immigrants’ (RFK Jr’s language) with ‘illegal’ entries through other parts of the border with ‘bad’ people, who risk getting jailed because they already have criminal records. Drug smugglers, enforcers or terrorists. They’re bringing in the drugs. It’s all planned as a form of distraction. Regular people get robbed BEFORE they cross over, so the people can’t make their final payments. They are put into jobs in various cities, but in an indentured servitude situation where they still owe the cartels money. They must work to pay off these debts. So the cartels are running immigration policy in the US. In 3 years, 7 million have come across illegally, and 3.1 million people came in LEGALLY. So the cartels bring in twice as many with no screening. No nation can survive unless it controls its borders. It’s part of the responsibility of being a country.
  • In terms of the humanitarian crisis, a head of a hospital in Yuma said they spent $27 million last year caring for the illegal migrants who get treated the same as local people, with the same priority. In a 3-week period, they had 35 immigrant women giving birth in their maternity ward; they had to turn away local people with scheduled birth inducements such as C-sections, etc. These people pay taxes to their hospitals and can’t get treatment because hospitals are overloaded with migrants.
  • The good news is that it is easy to fix. RFK Jr. explains that an entire wall – Trump’s wall – isn’t necessary, but it is in certain regions that are heavily populated. In underpopulated areas, you can do border security with remote sensoring, towers, soil detectors, etc. And those were already purchased. When the Biden admin came in, however, the cameras were removed inexplicably. Gaps in the fence that RFK Jr. saw – the border patrol was begging Mayorkas to close them up. Building materials were visibly present near these gaps, but never used. Mayorkas replied, ‘we’re not using Trump’s materials’. Mayorkas agreed to build the wall but to do it with different material, and it now looks like a see-through chain link fence that isn’t substantial. That’s not a good choice for the country. The wall that’s been built goes 10 or 12 feet underground. They’re (the cartel?) now using horizontal drilling equipment developed for the fracking industry to put tubes underground that have mail cargo carriers in them, where they send fentanyl through. They saw fast-food chicken laced with fentanyl being sent (shades of ‘Breaking Bad’?). You need a deep wall to prevent that. The new wall that Mayorkas is building stops at ground level; this doesn’t work and it’s just political pettiness. Did Mayorkas prevent RFK Jr. from getting personal security because of his criticism of this policy?
  • We have the power to STOP people being released into the US. If we don’t, they flood in. The difference can be between 10 or 300 people per day coming in. These walls and security strategies are commonplace around the world. We need to take a different approach in the US. The border patrol are begging for these changes.
  • We watched the whole process at the border over 3 days and it was just insane. Children go missing with parents in distress looking for them. We’re not being kind by letting this situation continue.





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