Bitcoin: Evidence May Point To The NSA As Its Original Engineer

Bitcoin: Evidence Points To The NSA As Its Original Engineer


While some will say that the following article is somewhat speculative (TN included), how speculative is Bitcoin itself as people mortgage their homes to buy it? Regardless, the fact remains that the NSA did write a major paper on cryptocurrency a full 20 years ago, long before Bitcoin was formally released, and this is alarm enough that things are not as they appear.  ⁃ TN Editor



I’m going to assume the readers who make it to this article are well informed enough that I don’t have to go into the history of the global money changers and their desire for a one world currency. (If you don’t yet understand the goal of the globalist banking empire and the coming engineered collapse of the fiat currency system, you’re already about 5,000 posts behind the curve.)

With that as a starting point, it’s now becoming increasingly evident that Bitcoin may be a creation of the NSA and was rolled out as a “normalization” experiment to get the public familiar with digital currency. Once this is established, the world’s fiat currencies will be obliterated in an engineered debt collapse (see below for the sequence of events), then replaced with a government approved cryptocurrency with tracking of all transactions and digital wallets by the world’s western governments.

NSA mathematicians detailed “digital cash” two decades ago

What evidence supports this notion? First, take a look at this document entitled, “How to make a mint: The cryptography of anonymous electronic cash.” This document, released in 1997 — yes, twenty years ago — detailed the overall structure and function of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Who authored the document? Try not to be shocked when you learn it was authored by “mathematical cryptographers at the National Security Agency’s Office of Information Security Research and Technology.”

The NSA, in other words, detailed key elements of Bitcoin long before Bitcoin ever came into existence. Much of the Bitcoin protocol is detailed in this document, including signature authentication techniques, eliminating cryptocoin counterfeits through transaction authentication and several features that support anonymity and untraceability of transactions. The document even outlines the heightened risk of money laundering that’s easily accomplished with cryptocurrencies. It also describes “secure hashing” to be “both one-way and collision-free.”

Although Bitcoin adds mining and a shared, peer-to-peer blockchain transaction authentication system to this structure, it’s clear that the NSA was researching cryptocurrencies long before everyday users had ever heard of the term. Note, too, that the name of the person credited with founding Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, who is reputed to have reserved one million Bitcoins for himself. Millions of posts and online threads discuss the possible identity of Satishi Nakamoto, and some posts even claim the NSA has identified Satoshi. However, another likely explanation is that Satoshi Nakamoto is the NSA, which means he is either working for the NSA or is a sock puppet character created by the NSA for the purpose of this whole grand experiment.

The NSA also wrote the crypto hash used by Bitcoin to secure all transactions

On top of the fact that the NSA authored a technical paper on cryptocurrency long before the arrival of Bitcoin, the agency is also the creator of the SHA-256 hash upon which every Bitcoin transaction in the world depends. As The Hacker News explains. “The integrity of Bitcoin depends on a hash function called SHA-256, which was designed by the NSA and published by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).” THN also adds:

If you assume that the NSA did something to SHA-256, which no outside researcher has detected, what you get is the ability, with credible and detectable action, they would be able to forge transactions. The really scary thing is somebody finds a way to find collisions in SHA-256 really fast without brute-forcing it or using lots of hardware and then they take control of the network.” Cryptography researcher Matthew D. Green of Johns Hopkins University said.

In other words, if the SHA-256 hash, which was created by the NSA, actually has a backdoor method for cracking the encryption, it would mean the NSA could steal everybody’s Bitcoins whenever it wants. (Call it “Zero Day.”) That same article, written by Mohit Kumar, mysteriously concludes, “Even today it’s too early to come to conclusions about Bitcoin. Possibly it was designed from day one as a tool to help maintain control of the money supplies of the world.”

And with that statement, Kumar has indeed stumbled upon the bigger goal in all this: To seize control over the world money supply as the fiat currency system crumbles and is replaced with a one-world digital currency controlled by globalists.

Think cryptography is bulletproof? Think again…

Lest you think that the cryptography of cryptocurrency is secure and bulletproof, consider this article from The Hacker News: Researchers Crack 1024-bit RSA Encryption in GnuPG Crypto Library, which states, “The attack allows an attacker to extract the secret crypto key from a system by analyzing the pattern of memory utilization or the electromagnetic outputs of the device that are emitted during the decryption process.”

Note, importantly, that this is a 1024-bit encryption system. The same technique is also said to be able to crack 2048-bit encryption. In fact, encryption layers are cracked on a daily basis by clever hackers. Some of those encryption layers are powering various cryptocurrencies right now. Unless you are an extremely high-level mathematician, there’s no way you can know for sure whether any crypto currency is truly non-hackable.

In fact, every cryptocurrency becomes obsolete with the invention of large-scale quantum computing. Once China manages to build a working 256-bit quantum computer, it can effectively steal all the Bitcoins in the world (plus steal most national secrets and commit other global mayhem at will).

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  1. Good grief. Well, actually nothing would surprise me anymore. I need to check through this. Thanks so much!

  2. If you have James Corbett on your share list, it might be interesting to ask him what he thinks of CIN’s allegation that Dan Dicks is a Soros front:

    Says the CIN:

    “George Soros is using Marijuana legalization and crypto currency to engineer the coming financial systems of the New World Order. George Soros has enacted a network of propaganda in order to push his agenda. It is clear that Soros has used his shell companies, and holding companies to get behind Dan Dicks. Dan Dicks promotes Soros based Weed and crypto companies. Those companies are all listed under Rothschild LLC’s. Does Dan not know he serves the Rothschilds? Has our Bilderberg hero has gone shill?”

    Corbett hangs around with Dicks. Has Corbett missed something?

    (Maxime Bernier is also implicated by CIN.)

    Frankly, I think the allegation that Dicks is a globalist front is very interesting. He was involved from the get-go with the globalist-commie crowd in BC working to break up Canada for the North American Union, a region under world government. I’m referring in particular to Comrade Connie Fogal Rankin and the Canadian Action Party. Connie’s a well known Vancouver communist who ran Vancouver’s only communist municipal party, the COPE, with her husband, Harry Rankin. Harry was barred from entry to the USA as a known communist.

    Dicks produced “The Nation’s Deathbed” back in 2011, inspired by the Fogal-Canadian Action Party network:

    Meanwhile, Fogal was partnering up with Zionist Howard Phillips and his US-based Constitution Party, to pretend to “oppose” the “deep integration” of Canada and USA into a region. Fogal is not only a commie but a lawyer. Commies tend to be very well informed about constitutional facts of their target countries, whereas their victims are quite unaware. Fogal, as a commie and a lawyer, would have to know very well that Canada cannot be merged into the USA because it’s unconstitutional and appropriate legal procedures could stop it, if you could find a judge the traitors haven’t bought off. But Connie and friends called it merely “political treason”, and pretended that you have to “resist” and march in the streets, and wave placards. Then the big punchline. Connie, gifted with her bullhorn, and as confirmed at the old Canadian Action Party web site, demanded a “democratic” VOTE… yes or no… to deep integration. She demanded the VOTE by “Parliament”… and by referendum to the people. This is criminal fraud and high treason, since the national sovereignty of Canada is vested personally in… you may have guessed it… the SOVEREIGN, who literally has no legal power to dispose of it. But, EII has been very blatantly working on disposing of it for decades by a QUEBEC referendum (which I can prove with video of her working on it) and through third parties… including lawyer Maxwell Cohen, who in 1963 visited the USA to announce it was time to annex Canada.

    So, Dan Dicks produced a movie featuring a FUNERAL for Canada, carried off in a casket by pall-bearers to be BURIED. Very interesting psychological consequences flow from that symbolic action.

    A man (without testicles) publicly BURIED his country instead of defending it. And the only way to defend it is the Constitution. And his pals are the commies at the Canadian Action Party, who have been documented as GLOBALISTS working on world government, flying the flag of Israel and the flag of the UN behind the scenes, complemented by their lunatic “alien” cult, the URANTIA book.

    Download my spoof site:

    I used to think Dan Dicks was merely uninformed. I used to try to inform him and others in the CAP, to no avail. Connie’s toy-boy half her age or even a third her age called himself Weaving Spider on youtube, and he’s in films demanding a “vote” on the North American Union. Connie eventually married the toy-boy after Harry died. It seems very much the globalist in-crowd.

    I think Dan Dicks very possibly is working for the globalists as controlled opposition. I could go on and on and document that his links to the Fogal crowd also overlap the Quebec “secession” scam, but I’m gonna make another coffee and have my breakfast.

    Anyway, just wondering if you might consider challenging James Corbett to review the allegations of CIN re Dan Dicks, Corbett’s good pal.

    NB. Corbett has also been involved in the “alien” business, lending his voice to spurious films about captured aliens and what-not.


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