As a Russian military humor goes, at wartime an exact value of sine can be 4, and a diameter might clock full 400 degrees.

Just as well, the admission of guilt by the Iranian government give more questions than provides answers.

An admission of guilt under undue pressure does not constitute an evidence of any wrongdoing and must still be proven with evidence. I described here some methods employed to break down innocent individuals to make them admit to terror activities, while people actually committing terror acts, like mercenaries or special ops, nearly always walk free.

So, the government and army of Iran blaming themselves for the crash neither mean that they did it, nor that they are guilty of it.

The most popular version of the events on Russian social media right now is that the control over the aircraft was overtaken by its system; the communication, transponders and electricity were turned off; the plane made a complete u-turn and started flying in the opposite direction towards the capital. In this situation, actions of the TOR air-defense unite were not only justifiable, but commendable.

Another version of the events, suggested by an old pal.

After looking at the radar of all the flights that night and comparing , it’s hard to accept the accident narrative. Only thing that make sense – it’s a 5th column in the IRGC. And Iran, for some reason, doesn’t want to acknowledge that yet.

We all know how rogue pilots in Turkey air force shot down our SU and then organized pro American coup. How they hunted Erdogan, and who rescued him. They also were the 'elite forces,' boys from good families. Now, either dead or rotting in jails.

The SouthFront researchers also have doubts in an official narrative voiced by Iran.

A few details lurking in the background of the Ukraine International Airlines flight crash near Tehran in the morning of January 8th, 2020 show the connection of the crash of PS-752 flight in Iran to the crash of MH17 in Ukraine. 

The Ukraine International Airlines UIA and its owners 

The UIA has two major shareholders, Igor Kolomoisky (pictured) and Maiberg Aron, an Honorary Consul of Ukraine to the State of Israel. Aron Mayberg is the UIA’s co-owner and supervisory board chairman.

In my research Pokemon in Ukraine, I illustrated how the so-called ‘uprising in Donbass’ in spring of 2014 was organized and financed by the same forces and individuals who organized and financed the unconstitutional coup called Maidan that served as a precursor to an invasion of Ukraine by the US and NATO forces and establishing there a Russophobic punitive regime of ethnic cleansings. One of those individuals was Igor Kolomoisky. From February 2014 and till the night of August 13th to August 14th, when Aleksandr Zakharchenko replaced Girkin-Strelkov as a head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the power over so-called “separatist” republics was in Kolomoisky’s hands. Actors and film directors who staged the Donbass protests acted in accordance with the general plan coordinated with Obama’s Washington, with the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation, Brussels and Tel Aviv.

The MH17, unlike previous flights, was diverted from its flight course over Crimea to the new course over the Southern Ukraine. The dispatcher, whose identity is still unknown after all these years of ‘investigation,’ worked for the company owned by Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky had complete control over the MH17 flight itinerary.

Kolomoisky’s representative Zelensky (pictured) is currently serving as “president” of Ukraine.

In 2015 Kolomoisky was charged by Russia over multiple crimes, including prohibited war methods, financing terrorism, murders, kidnappings, torture, heists, money laundering, and interference in the professional conduct of journalistsThe Moscow district court decided the case brought up by Russia’s Investigative Committee (an equivalent to the FBI) represented 2,700 victims of Kolomoisky’s crimes and convicted Kolomoisky in absentia and he is on Russia’s Most Wanted list. The Investigative Committee (the SK) interviewed more than 4,000 witnesses in the cases against Igor Kolomoisky, Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, and Serhiy Melnychuk, a member of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada and a former commander of the NATO mercenary death squad ‘Aidar,’

Kolomoisky was convicted in absentia for the murders of Russian journalists Igor Korneluk and Anton Voloshin.

“Kolomoisky himself did not pull the trigger, he killed civilians of Donbass and Russian journalists through his proxies, and he has been up to his ears in human blood for a long time, and for all this he will have to answer to the full extent of the law, sooner or later. And today, when we said goodbye to the operator of the First channel Anatoly Klyan, who died from a bullet of the Ukrainian military, everyone understands that this death was brought about personally by Kolomoisky”said the official spokesperson for the SK Vladimir Markin.

After the US illicit coup in Ukraine and occupation of Ukraine by the US and NATO, Persians first said that Ukrainian airline companies are the same as Israeli, and they see their passengers as hostage, and can crash any plane at the drop of a hat to create an entrapment. Iranian intelligence exactly described the scenario similar to what happened with the MH17 flight crashing in Ukraine for which Russia was blamed and illegally sanctioned.

For the first couple of years, Iran kept a ban on Ukrainian company flights and only allowed Iranian companies to fly to Kiev. Steve Mnuchin and the Department of the Treasury then pulled a scheme by banning Iranian companies from flying to Europe and pressured Iranians to allow Kolomoisky’s company flights, preparing in effect the crash. It’s common knowledge that civilian aircraft are double-use and are expected to be used as missiles. It’s important to notice that Armenians, state and none-state actors, brokered Kolomoiky-Maiberg and the Department of Treasury interests.

Over two decades of its existence, the UIA showed profits for only three years. All other years, the company has been losing money. Kolomoisky’s main business strategy is to take over a state-owned enterprise and blackmail the state into paying subsidies. See Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry may pay compensation to Kolomoisky for Ukraine International Airlines’ sanctions loses, as reported by Ben Aris in Kiev on September 16, 2019

“Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure says it is willing to pay a reported $216mn in compensation to Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) that belongs to oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky for losses incurred because of a Russian overflight ban.”

UIA is one of the many assets that belong to Kolomoisky, who is close to the new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and financed his election campaign.

The nature of the relationship remains unclear and observers worry that Zelensky is nothing more than Kolomoisky’s placeman. Kolomoisky has also been lobbying the state for $2bn of compensation for the state’s decision to nationalize his PrivatBank in November 2016. At the time, PrivatBank was the largest commercial bank in the country but as IntelliNews reported in a cover story, Privat investigations, the owners had stripped it of some $7bn worth of assets using fake loans made to shell companies controlled by them.

Kolomoisky has also actively campaigned against the arrival of international budget carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air in Ukraine. Ryanair nearly pulled out of a deal to enter the Ukrainian market in July 2017 after deals it had agreed with major airports were reversed following an intense lobbying campaign.

Kolomoisky later threatened to sue Ryanair over airport slots and then did sue the infrastructure ministry to try and get it to reverse the Ryanair deal. Ryanair’s business has expanded rapidly since its launch, eating into UIA’s revenue and market share. Wizz Air has been even more successful with the number of flights doubling in 2018, and Ukraine accounted for a quarter of all its new routes in 2018.

Observers will be watching closely to see if the state pays out on either of these compensation claims by Kolomoisky, whose business model has largely targeted running businesses that seek rents from the state.” 

In 2014, Eugene Dykhne, the newly appointed director of the UIA, was the First Deputy Director General of the state enterprise “Boryspil” International Airport, whose dispatchers played a role in the doomed MH17 flight.

Tech and specs

A few points:

  • January 6, 2020. Pompeo spoke to Zelensky and they discussed something in secret.
  • January 8, the crash of the Boeing 737-800 Charter flight to Tehran. Who flew with the flight to Tehran remains unknown.
  • The UIA airline did not plan this flight in advance.
  • In the schedule of flights for 2020, at the airport “Boryspil”, Kiev, the first flights to Tehran were planned only in March.
  • The arrival of flight PS751 Tehran-Kiev on the information Board of the airport “Boryspil” was listed as “canceled”.

One of the unconfirmed videos of the crash

Flight radar animation

Neither Canada nor the UK have satellite based intelligence. Russia and the US are only two countries in the world that possess that sort of intelligence. Canada, Israel and the UK are buying the intel from the US, and Russians are silent on the matter, so far.

Still, the comments made by Canadian and British authorities indicate their immediate special knowledge of the events and directly implicates them in being involved in this crash.

The prime minister’s comments came after reports out of the U.S. which said it’s “highly likely” that an Iranian anti-aircraft missile inadvertently brought down Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752

“Scientifically, it is impossible that a missile hit the Ukrainian plane, and such rumors are illogical,” Ali Abedzadeh, the head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA News Agency on Thursday.

Russia built a NATO spec identification friend or foe system for Turkey’s S-400 air-defense systems. An identification friend or foe (IFF) system is installed on the TOR air-defense systems made in Russia and used by Iranian armed forces.

The IFF system identifies the passenger aircraft as ‘friend,’ blocks the system from deployment, and requires it to be manually overwritten. [ER: sic – overridden?]

Israel immediately came up with “video proof’ of a missile launch.

The authenticity of the video, however, remains under question. The date mark on the footage says it was actually shot on Friday, whereas the Boeing went down near Tehran on Wednesday. A car sitting in the parking lot also appears to have had its alarm set-off well before the launch and the flash.

Video verified by The New York Times shows a Ukrainian airliner being hit over Tehran on Wednesday. The Times Uses a Forensic Mapping and Visual Investigations team which is directed by Christiaan Triebert, a former staff member at the Bellingcat, a fake intel generator.

The Tor air-defense missile system is an all-weather low to medium altitude, short-range surface-to-air developed and produced by the Soviet Union under the GRAU designation 9K330 Tor, the system is commonly known by its NATO reporting name, SA15 “Gauntlet”.

With a 12 kilometer range, the TOR missile flies for less than 1 sec. All CGI generated ‘videos’ showing the missile inching towards the alleged plane are fake.


Meanwhile, following Iran’s rare apology which included Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif saying on Twitter that “human error at time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster,” Ukraine’s President Zelenksy issued a stern rebuke of Iran’s handling of the crisis

“The morning was not good today but it brought along the truth,” Zelensky said in a written statement early Saturday morning. But we insist on the full acceptance of guilt. We expect Iran to pledge readiness to carry out a full and open investigation, to prosecute those responsible, to return the bodies of the dead, to pay compensations, to extend official apologies via diplomatic channels,”

“We have agreed on full legal and technical cooperation, including issues of obtaining compensation. We agreed that no one will get away, ” said Zelensky on the website of the presidential administration

Considering that Zelensky is a front man for Kolomoisky, who will be getting paid by Iran, it’s comical to hear Zelensky’s primal screams of indignation, as if he, personally, was deflowered by an Iranian missile.

A high value target

On board the UIA plane that crashed in Tehran, among the passengers was Elena Malakhova (Helena Malakh) born in 1981, a director of the airline “Skyaviatrans” LLC, Ukraine and a Chief Executive Officer at VOLARIS BUSINESS LP, Scotland.

elena malahova

On July 29, 2019 one Ukrainian pilot died after two Ukrainian Il-76TD cargo aircraft operated by Skyaviatrans were destroyed on Al Jufra Airbase in Libya, after multiple rocket attacks carried out on the airfield.

On August 6, 2019, the third IL-76 destroyed was a military cargo plane that was targeted and bombed early Tuesday at Misrata Air College by the Libyan National Army’s Air Force. The source also confirmed that the previous shipments transported by aircraft, as well as another plane owned by the same Ukrainian company, were in fact military shipments, weapons and ammunition. According to the intelligence information that was collected during the monitoring, investigation and tracking operations, it was clear that at least two flights transported special equipment and materials to build a Turkish military facility in the eastern part of the Misrata Air College.

The LNA released the video and stated that the Libyan National air force destroyed an Il-76TD cargo plane that was transporting weapons from Ankara, Turkey to Misrata, Libya for an Islamic terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda close to GNA. (ER: the Government of National Accord, recognized by the UN, based in Tripoli.)

It is alleged that LNAF destroyed UR-COZ, an Il-76TD belonging to Volaris Business LP from Scotland, a shell company set up to illegally transfer weapons to Libya. This plane has transported tons of weapons from Ankara to Misrata and Tripoli in the past few weeks.

Il-76TD, head. number 1023410355, issued in September 1992, re-registered on 18.04.2019 by the Ukrainian airline SKYAVIATRANS LLC, owner – VOLARIS BUSINESS LP, Scotland. Director – Elena MALAKHOVA, the only founder – Dmitry Salikhov. Prior to that, since November 2016, the aircraft flew with the same flight number under the certificate of the Ukrainian airline “ALFA AIR”. Previously, for 8 years it was operated under reg. number EY-604 Tajik Asia Airways, and before that in Sudan and Kyrgyzstan. Two other destroyed aircraft were UR-CMC and UR-CRP.

It’s highly likely that Elena Malakhova was in Tehran to negotiate weapons transfer to Iranian allies in the region, and that her murder was a primary driver for the those who organized this crash.

After the summer attacks, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was forced to make a statement that the country’s authorities did not send any aircraft to Libya. According to the Ministry, the chartered IL-76 “belonged to private individuals.” Allegedly, the owners had the right to “provide services within the framework of Ukrainian and international legislation”. Later it turned out that these three IL-76s supplied weapons to the terrorists in Libya.

Unnamed private individuals, including Elena MALAKHOVA, who died on Board the crashed Boeing, were just a cover for a scheme. But now they will not be able to testify that official Kiev supports the sale of “black” weapons to Libyan terrorists.

Change of plans

According to the National Security Council, two passengers changed their plans and did not take this flight. One was a citizen of Ukraine Andrey Bukharovwho calls himself on Facebook “lawyer, international columnist, political analyst and TV presenter.”

andrei bazarov

He described the strange combination of circumstances as follows:

On January 4, when I came to the office in UIA, I was recommended to buy a ticket for January 9, and not for 8, as it is cheaper. The organizers of the conference insisted that I buy a ticket for 8, as there was no payment for the hotel, but I took all the same for 9 and today I paid for another day at the hotel to fly aboard the UIA.”

Andrey Bukharov graduated from the Diplomatic Academy under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Greek.

As for political views – he openly supports Euromaidan and the armed punitive operation against the people of Donbass, although he is local to Donbass, He writes for the Federal News Agency of Ukraine. It turns out that no one escaped from the doomed liner except a prominent apologist for Euromaidan and a supporter of the Ukrainian “war against Russia”.

An opinion of Russian military expert

Initially refuting the allegations, Iranians said that it was scientifically impossible for the TOR air-defense missile to be fired at the civilian airliner because of its IFF system. When a civilian aircraft shows up on its radar, the system itself, NOT AN OPERATOR, decides that the target is not a threat and won’t allow a missile to be launched.

Ex-chief of anti-aircraft Missile Forces of the Russian air force and now an aerospace defense expert Sergey Khatylev believes that Tehran’s statements that the Ukrainian plane was shot down by Iran’s air defense by mistake do not mean that this is exactly what took place. This recognition could be the result of Western pressure on Iran after its missile attack on American bases in Iraq.

The most popular version of the events on Russian social media right now is that the control over the aircraft was overtaken by its system, the communication, transponders and electricity were turned off and the plane made a complete u-turn and started flying in the opposite direction towards the capital. In this situation, actions of the TOR air-defense unite were not only justifiable, but commendable.

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