America’s HAARP System Blamed For Creating Worldwide Drought and Food Shortages

Preface by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter

I purposely placed the publisher source of this article at the top to exemplify how global this Weather Geoengineering problem is.  I know the majority of the people who read this are aware of these effects, yet I HOPE that the more we repeat this message, the more people we will reach and the more likely we will be to stop this without drastic action.  This Geoengineering of the Weather IS causing global climate change.  You cannot spew megatons of nano particles and coal ash et al into the atmosphere at the rate they do without it changing the climate.  Gosh…. volcanic eruptions that spew ash into the atmosphere have changed the climate, why not this?  I disagree, though, that it is “America’s” HAARP.  There are roughly 25 HAARP arrays globally not to mention the number of other EMF sources.  

They continue to change spray types, and alternate the EMF frequencies and DENY that it even exists yet there it is in plain sight.  And to any detractors or disinfo out there that choose to attack this article… well…. OK… I cannot express what I REALLY want to say.  But let it suffice to say… we are AWARE of what is happening and nothing you say will sway that. Nothing.  So press on everybody!!  They have clearly ramped this up because they KNOW we are onto them and the message is spreading.  We are ALL ACTIVISTS and we can all make a difference one person at a time.  (CG) 

Published by: from Press Trust of India  |  New Delhi July 18, 2016

Is HAARP being used as a weapon to create global warming and drought conditions worldwide? India certainly believes that to be the case and is fearful about the devastation to the country’s food resources caused by America’s use of such technology.

HAARP is a super powerful ionospheric heater which may cause the globe to warm and have global warming effect, says India’s environment minister.

HAARP array

HAARP antenna array Photo: Wikipedia

A US-developed system that strikes the with a focused electromagnetic beam may cause global warming, the government said on Monday and acknowledged that climate change is likely to reduce the yield of major crops like wheat and maize in India.

“The has developed a type of weapon called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP).It strikes the upper atmosphere with a focussed and steerable electromagnetic beam,” Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave told the in a written reply.

is an advanced model of a super powerful ionospheric heater which may cause the globe to warm and have effect,” he said.

Dave was replying to a question on whether the government is aware of HAARP, capable of effecting devastating impact on the world’s climate including that of and resulting in destabilisation of agricultural and ecological systems.

He said a study conducted by Indian Council of Agricultural Research has projected the impact of climate change to be adverse in terms of reduction of yield of major crops including wheat, maize, mustard, potato and sorghum.

Recognising the adverse impact of climate change, the minister said that the government launched the Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) in June 2008 to deal with climate change-related issues.

NAPCC comprises eight missions in areas of solar energy, enhanced energy efficiency, habitat, water, sustaining Himalayan ecosystems, forestry, agriculture and strategic knowledge of climate change.

It also addresses the issues relating to mitigation of greenhouse gases and adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change on environment, forest, habitat, water resources and agriculture.

Dave said 32 states and union territories (UTs) have also prepared a State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC).


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