In Abortion Push, Soros Exposed Trying to Corrupt Christianity

Alex Newman

For a self-proclaimed atheist, billionaire statist George Soros sure spends a lot of money on “Christian” causes and groups. But it is not because he is interested in spreading the Gospel, or even in helping the poor. Instead, hacked e-mails from his vast empire of shady tax-exempt foundations show that the radical “philanthropist” wants to change the views of Christians and churches around the world using deceit, manipulation, and money.

His goals in showering money on Christian groups and churches include, among other policy agendas, legalizing the slaughter of unborn children in pro-life nations, promoting what he calls “racial and economic justice,” ensnaring more nations in the European Union, pushing global governance and what he calls the “New World Order,” and even shifting “the priorities of the U.S. Catholic church.” One document on funding “Christian” schemes speaks of pursuing “structural transformation of political and economic systems.” And that is just what is known.


Critics of the deeply unpopular extremist, though, are warning churches and Christians to avoid Soros money like the plague. Indeed, many of the pseudo-Christian organizations receiving Soros largesse are really Christian in name only. They seem to exist primarily to further extreme political, economic, and social agendas of Soros and his extremist allies — schemes that are fundamentally incompatible with Truth, Christian teachings, and morality more generally.

One leaked memo posted by from Soros’ “Open Society” Foundations, for example, outlines a plot to co-opt Catholic officials and push Soros’ views within the Catholic Church and within the Christian world more broadly. To do that, Soros provided funding to two so-called faith-based organizations, PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing), and Faith in Public Life (FPL) that would advance his extremism against a “faction of the church” that does not support it.

Among other schemes, Soros provided “essential resources” to secure the “buy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages.” The agenda was to create a “critical mass of bishops” to promote Soros’ interpretation of Pope Francis’ perceived anti-free-market activism and “racial justice agenda.” Numerous prominent Catholics have said Soros is radically distorting the pope’s message to further his own fundamentally anti-Catholic agenda.

The same document also shows how Soros helped fund the formation of “partnerships” between the extremist pseudo-Christian groups, Big Labor (AFL, SEIU), and 11 alleged “faith groups.” The agenda, according to the memo, was “to mobilize 10,000 people to public action and train 3,500 others as messengers of Pope Francis’ economic and racial justice agenda [sic].”


The Soros money also supported “coordination of local PICO chapters to push for a range of state and local policy changes related to economic and racial justice.” And finally, Soros money was used to help create an advanced propaganda campaign to promote one of Soros’ “Christian” puppets as a “leading commentator in high-profile outlets, such as USA Today, Newsweek, CNN, NBC, NPR, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, and the Guardian.” Of course, if a “commentator” agrees with Soros, by definition he or she disagrees with the Christianity and the Bible.

The scheming was very successful in what the memo refers to as the “long-term project of shifting the priorities of the U.S. Catholic church.” It apparently helped foster anti-Republican sentiment, attacks against “anti-gay rhetoric” surrounding the Kim Davis saga (she was jailed by a federal judge for refusing to endorse homosexual “marriages”), and more. The money also helped the “Catholic” groups build support for Soros’ extremist political agenda among naive Catholic communities that almost certainly had no idea the “Catholic groups” were being funded by an anti-Christian extremist like Soros.

Of course, Soros also has a long history of funding “pro-abortion Catholics” (an oxymoron!), including the “Catholics for Choice” (CFC) organization that openly opposes Catholic teaching on pre-natal infanticide. The wealthy protege of the even wealthier Rothschild banking dynasty also lavishes money on “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good” (CACB), another fringe group that tries to promote Soros’ anti-Catholic, statist extremism among Catholics.

On pro-life nations and protections for babies, Soros is on the war-path against Christian and Catholic teaching as well. One of the recently leaked documents from Soros’ “Open Society” Foundations shows the billionaire’s minions plotting to use Ireland as a model for getting rid of laws protecting the lives of unborn children. In the cross-hairs are constitutional guarantees for the right to life of children — especially in predominately Catholic nations.

“With one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, a win there [in Ireland] could impact other strongly Catholic countries in Europe, such as Poland, and provide much needed proof that change is possible, even in highly conservative places,” explains one of the leaked the documents that has emerged in recent weeks. The plan: Eliminate the Eighth Amendment to Ireland’s Constitution, which enshrined “the right to life of the unborn,” and thereby set off a domino effect that would bring down pro-life laws across Europe and the world.


While overturning Ireland’s protections for babies would serve as a model for other nations, the recent successful assault on marriage in that nation would help Soros in the drive to legalize the murder of unborn children. “The recent legalisation of same-sex marriage offers valuable and timely opportunities to advance the campaign,” the Open Society Foundation document said. It was not immediately clear how large Soros’ role was in re-defining — or un-defining — marriage there.

To advance the pro-abortion agenda in pro-life Ireland, the leaked strategy document outlines a plan to pour money into anti-life extremist groups such as Amnesty International Ireland, the Abortion Rights Campaign, and the Irish Family Planning Association. The same document, part of Soros’ so-called “Women’s Rights Program,” which is primarily focused on the alleged “right” to kill babies, also touts Soros backing for similar pro-abortion extremism across Latin America and Africa.

Irish supporters of unborn babies’ right to life expressed shock, horror, and dismay at the news. “These revelations are extremely disturbing,” Cora Sherlock, deputy chairperson of the Irish Pro-Life Campaign, was quoted as saying by the Irish Independent. “The fact that an outside body is talking about funding and coordinating groups in Ireland to dismantle protection for the unborn child represents a gross interference and is an attack on democracy.”

In separate comments to the Catholic News Agency, Sherlock, suggested why Soros and his minions might be so obsessed with murdering babies in Ireland specifically. “It is not a surprise that international pro-abortion groups are trying to impose their agenda on Ireland,” she said. “Ireland’s excellent record of safety in pregnancy for women without recourse to abortion is a major source of embarrassment to abortion campaigners as it completely undermines their argument that abortion somehow helps women.”

It is not just Catholics and Catholic nations in Soros’ cross-hairs, of course. Earlier this year, The New American reported on Soros machinations aimed at co-opting the Orthodox churches in the socially conservative Christian nation of Georgia. One of the main goals of Soros’ machinations there was to “train” pastors in how to love the EU and promote it to their congregations. Taxpayer funding from Europe was also used to promote Soros’ anti-Christian agenda in the churches.

Soros, often ridiculed as “Dr. Evil,” holds views that are way beyond the fringe of the fringe — and not just when it comes to Christian teachings. For example, he told the Financial Times some years ago that the brutal communist dictatorship enslaving mainland China, which has murdered more people than any government in human history and ruthlessly persecutes Christians, should “own” what he calls the “New World Order.” The savage dictatorship is also infamous for forced abortions.

As one of the richest men on the planet, Soros is said to have donated more than $10 billion promoting his extreme anti-Christian political, economic, and social ideology. His net worth last year was estimated by Forbes at close to $25 billion, making him one of the wealthiest 20 people in America. He is also a leading financier of Obama, Hillary Clinton, the orchestrated “refugee crisis,” revolutions around the world, the war on police, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, globalism, and more.

No legitimate Christians, churches, or Christian organizations of any denomination should be taking Soros money. The Bible is clear when it calls on Christians to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Instead of doing Soros’ bidding, then, Christians have an obligation to reprove him and his anti-Christian agenda.


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Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at [email protected]

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