“15 Minute Cities”: Highways to Genocide?

ER Editor: It’s become pretty obvious that 15 Minute Cities are yet another lousy globalist idea, but the connection between that concept and Gaza had not occurred to us. That and the idea of containment as a military strategy (just like the genetic killshots). Writer Robin Monotti below is an architect, among other things. He has an interesting and topical Telegram channel he shares with Cory Morningstar.

Readers may also be interested in this article from May of this year that Monotti posted to Telegram today —

Israel/OPT: Israeli authorities are using facial recognition technology to entrench apartheid

Within Arab communities in the West Bank, Israel has installed extensive, state-of-the-art surveillance systems:

The Israeli authorities are using an experimental facial recognition system known as Red Wolf to track Palestinians and automate harsh restrictions on their freedom of movement, Amnesty International said today.  In a new report, Automated Apartheid, the organization documents how Red Wolf is part of an ever-growing surveillance network which is entrenching the Israeli government’s control over Palestinians, and which helps to maintain Israel’s system of apartheid. Red Wolf is deployed at military checkpoints in the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, where it scans Palestinians’ faces and adds them to vast surveillance databases without their consent.  …  Amnesty International is calling on Israeli authorities to end the mass and targeted surveillance of Palestinians and lift the arbitrary restrictions they have imposed on Palestinians’ freedom of movement across the OPT, as necessary steps towards dismantling apartheid.

Here we see all the urban technology, restrictions and surveillance systems, planned for us, actually implemented in an actively repressive apartheid system, which is now bombing its inhabitants on a pretext they invented.


“15 Minute Cities”: Highways to Genocide?

Look at what happened to Jewish ghettos in the 1940s. Look at Gaza City in 2023

The entire notion of 15 minute cities is yet again based on false PR marketing and deception.

15 minute cities could be a good idea for some people only on a purely voluntary and a non penalising or punitive basis. They could be a good idea if there were no physical, digital or financial barriers implementing and enforcing their borders.

The moment road blocks, cameras linked to systems of automatic fines on travel are attached to them, and automatic physical barriers next, this is like building a digital wall around them.

The rich, the oligarchs, will have passes; the fines are negligible to them.

The working and middle class will be penalised severely, from simply not being able to travel beyond their neighbourhoods for not being able to afford it, to losing business from shoppers who would come from beyond the 15 minute radius. Who benefits, of course, are always large corporations who will squeeze out local businesses, as they operate on the basis of multiplied profit from chain stores.

And this is only the beginning.

Once a 15 minute city is effectively walled in through a physical barrier or digital walled system, then the oligarchy, via the state, can do anything it wants to the inhabitants, through the mechanism of isolating them from the support that would come from adjacent neighbourhoods, villages, towns, or cities.

Many civil wars have been won using precisely this military strategy.

The 15 minute city, like the mass injection of toxic bioweapons going under the label of “mRNA/ModRNA” “vaccines”, is in fact in essence a military project of containment.

All we need to do is to look back at the roles of sieges in civil wars to see how local government can be besieged and eradicated when adjacent support is neutralised.

In the contemporary scenario, the besieging party will be the state, acting under the orders of a transnational oligarchy, whose marketing PR branch is the biggest promoter of the 15 minute city deception today: none other than the World Economic Forum and what operates today as a WEF spin-off: the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

To see what can happen next, in a military scenario let’s look at Gaza City.

Israel Defence Forces blow up entire neighbourhoods of Gaza, Palestine. November 2023.


The era of “postcolonialism”.

The people of Gaza, Palestine, are walled in.

They have nowhere to go.

Nobody can come to help them.

Their fate seems sealed.

This is precisely because of the barriers, physical and political, all around them.

So the result is that they are being killed in their thousands.

The idea that they are “collateral damage”, in this case if not others, is a deception.

They, and not “Hamas”, are the real intended targets of Israel air bombing campaign.

And they are being killed at a higher rate than any modern war precisely because they live in a dense and walled in urban area.

Yes, just like it would happen in a “15 minute city” that is being falsely presented as the answer to all our urban problems.

It is not the answer to our problems.

It is the solution that the oligarchy chose to contain us militarily as the financial system collapses and the “Great Reset” into Central bank Digital Currencies is given as the only solution to the coming hyperinflation of fiat currencies, as a result of the coming wave of new quantitative easing to fund the war effort to pay for the World War Three.

The World War Three the oligarchy seems to be doing everything to provoke, first in Ukraine, and now in Palestine.

Let the tragic fate of Gaza City at least serve as a warning to all people of the world.

Once they box you into a “15 minute city”, they can then kill you, and nobody on the planet will do, or will be able to do, anything at all to save you.

They can blame “terrorism” that they themselves created through their actions, that they themselves supported, that they themselves funded.

Do not let them box you into 15 minute cities.

Fight like hell to stop them doing this to you too.

Their enemies are not simply Palestinians, it’s all of us.

We are all Palestinians to them.

We are all Palestinians to the psychopathic oligarchy.



Featured image source, Gaza: https://israelpalestinenews.org/how-to-make-sense-of-the-palestinian-call-for-freedom-and-justice-gaza/


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