Update Brazil – Light at the End of the Tyrannical Tunnel? [VIDEOS]

Brazil the light at the end of the tyrannical tunnel


Since the Brazilian runoff election between sitting president Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) on October 30th of this year, Europe Reloaded has reported extensively on the situation in Brazil. See a summary of our articles at the bottom of this article.

The main take-away is that with the help of invisible globalist forces, the Brazilian people were robbed from their democratic elections in order to install Lula, who was previously convicted of corruption charges and served 580 days in prison. But the Brazilian people are not having any of it. For the past 50 days massive protests in favor of Bolsonaro have taken place all over Brazil. The people have the apparent support of the military and Bolsonaro himself. Bolsonaro has provided evidence of wide-scale voter fraud, but the head of the Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes, has refused to take the evidence into account.

Last week the election of Lula was ratified. That’s where we pick up the story. Since the media mostly refuse to report on the situation objectively, we turn to civilian reporters who have the courage to continuously compare the situation on paper with the reality in the street.

An Australian man who goes by the name of MickyD2 provides daily video updates on Rumble. Continuously wrapped in the beautiful and characteristic green flag with the blue disc in the middle depicting the starry sky, he makes his way to the nearest protest, which never seems more than a 10-minute walk away.

During these walks we take in the cheerful atmosphere that emanates from the people in the street. This always coincides with the people at the protests. People are singing, dancing and clapping in long rows alongside the roads, always wrapped in the Brazilian flag. In fact, there are probably more flags than people.

The people know what’s going on. Despite the seriousness of the situation, a stolen election, they know that Lula’s jig is up. It’s only a matter of time before Lula and his friends come to the same conclusion. That’s why everyone is in a cheerful mood.

Dec. 12 — https://rumble.com/embed/v1xpuws/?pub=6746j

In this first video from shortly after the election certification, MickyD2 updates us on the mayhem that has broken out in the capital Brasilia. In an apparent attempt by authorities to sow chaos, tear gas and rubber bullets have been used to create it. He tells us about the arrest of prominent indigenous leader Cacique Xavante Tserere. See also this tweet, which reads: “URGENT! Chief Xavante Tserere HAS JUST BEEN ARRESTED by the Federal Police by order of Alexandre de Moraes in front of the Alvorada Palace – residence of the President of the Republic! A direct affront to the president and an escalation of the crisis between the powers that the country is experiencing.”

Because we have not heard from the Chief since, we are worried for his situation.

Dec.14 — https://rumble.com/embed/v1y3c9q/?pub=6746j

Confirmation that it was in fact authorities who were provoking the peaceful protesters came a few days later. PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores) Party infiltrators “were in fact the ones causing the violence and this is also supported by the lack of arrests and the use of masks by the perpetrators even though we know almost nobody from within Bolsonaro’s patriot movement [who] wear them.” See also this report from the Gateway Pundit. Note that the mother of an arrested boy was denied being able to see his arrest warrant, which clearly shows the attempt to hide the facts.

Dec. 16 — https://rumble.com/embed/v1yc4qm/?pub=6746j ]

After that we learned that Bolsonaro shows no intention of leaving. In the next video MickyD2 talks about how Bolsonaro made 300 changes to his cabinet. A move that makes little sense if you are transferring power to another president in two weeks time.

Micky also tells us about a video from Bolsonaro where he tells his supporters that “there is no quick fix to this crisis and that it is going to be a long process. This sentiment was backed up by a thread posted on Twitter by his son Carlos who also explained that his father does not have the super power of simply clicking his fingers to resolve the crisis currently engulfing the country.”

No quick fix means, though, that there is a fix, and the fix is in.

Dec. 17 — https://rumble.com/embed/v1yka40/?pub=6746j

In this last video MickyD2 informs us how Bolsonaro issued executive orders to give the military the opportunity “to fill their tanks at any gas station throughout the country and the Air Force the authority to land and take off in 38 private airports around the country.”

Further, since the Brazilian media were talking about how Bolsonaro has made no attempt so far to move out of his office, Bolsonaro ordered a moving van. The big truck was parked outside the presidential palace for several hours, after which one framed picture was loaded into the truck and taken away.

All in all, it is very clear that something is about to happen soon. The Brazilian people have stated what they want, they are backed by the military, and Bolsonaro wants to fight for his people.

Brazil is showing the world what peaceful protests can accomplish, and MickyD2 shows what the future of citizen journalism can look like. As for Lula, we would not like to be in his shoes.


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1 Comment on Update Brazil – Light at the End of the Tyrannical Tunnel? [VIDEOS]

  1. Sunday is approaching, which is the day of the inauguration of Lula. Lula has announced all his cabinet members, which includes all kind of new equity ministers. One of Lula’s minions has announced that as soon as he’s in power he’s going to clear the streets of all the people at the protests, and replace a lot of the military that were openly pro-Bolsonaro.

    So Brazil is in a make-or-break situation. There’s going to be violence if Lula gets inaugurated. Has Bolsonaro given any signs that he’s leaving? Well Glenn Greenwald, living in Brazil, and one of the most celebrated journalists, said he sees no signs at all that Lula is not going to be inaugurated. Perhaps he should have read this article.

    Bolsonaro still has not vacated the palace. There’s lot of military mobilisation still going on. Bolsonaro is not going to allow ‘his’ people to just get attacked. So things are going to come to a head, in one way or another.

    And Lula is unsure whether he will ride in an open or closed car on sunday, because some weather forecasts predict some rain. Apparently he doesn’t know that even open cars have a roof you can close.

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