Trump’s Backers ‘Won’t Allow Him’ to Soften Policy Towards Russia

Trump’s Sponsors ‘Won’t Allow Him’ to Soften Policy Towards Russia


Commenting on the latest projection that Donald Trump has become the next US president and what it might mean to Russian-American relations, Russian political scientist Aleksandr Gusev explained to Radio Sputnik why Russia should not get carried away with Trump’s victory.

Russian-American relations are unlikely to see any changes, either in the short, or in the medium term, Aleksandr Gusev, Director of the Institute for Strategic Planning and Forecasting told Radio Sputnik.

“I wouldn’t focus on either the predictability or unpredictability of each candidate, both of them are equally unpredictable,” he said.

The political scientist further explained that, during their election campaigns, the main aim of a candidate is to win his electorate. Thus Russia should not delude itself: any US president is dependent on the people who sponsored his election campaign and who actually stand behind him.

“Financial-industrial, financial-economic and banking groups will pursue a very tough policy towards our country as they understand that they have already lost the economic war to China and are losing the political war to Russia,” he told Sputnik.


Aleksandr Gusev also commented on the latest projection of the election results suggesting that voters were mostly led by their emotions and thus the republican nominee was able to win in those US states which traditionally voted for the democrats.

“When coming to the polls, people usually vote on the subconscious level,” he said. But while stealing away staunchly democratic states, Trump faced some difficulties in places where he should have had a free run.

He cited Texas as an example, where the neck-and-neck race, which Trump eventually won, can only be put down to “people voting with their hearts, not their minds.”

The same was true for a number of other key states, resulting in a total of 276 votes for the eventual winner from the republican party.


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