The Lockdown Files: “When do we deploy the new variant”

ER Editor: The release of Hancock’s messages looks more like a move in a bigger game rather than a mere distraction from other revelations, such as alleged carehome murders, as some have been wondering out loud.

We remind readers that Hancock was caught on CCTV groping and kissing a woman some time ago (such footage never gets released, apparently); he did his perp walk (our term) on the London underground, with a contentious citizen armed with a video camera thrusting difficult questions and statements at him (impossible, frankly, for a senior ex-minister); now he’s allegedly put a mass of highly incriminating Whatsapp messages in the hands of a journalist who is known to have opposed many of the Covid policies. It doesn’t stack up. Hancock is a tool to get key issues out into the media, to wake up the sleeping public, we believe.

Here are a couple of reactions from Canada’s Dr. Byram Bridle (well worth looking at) and Dr. Paul Alexander:

Shocking news has been brought to my attention. I have confirmed that this is being reported by both legacy and non-legacy media outlets around the world. But, it is difficult to know these days where exactly the truth lies, so I am wading into this with caution. However, if this holds any shred of truth, it could be a smoking gun.

WhatsApp text messages were apparently obtained from Matt Hancock, who is the former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom. The many claims from his purported text messages include plans to sow fear among the public with respect to COVID-19, especially by timing the release of information about a new variant, and blatant disregard of expert advice about testing people going into long-term care homes. The discussion about when to release information about a novel variant (the Kent variant; discovered in the UK) occurred just prior to it being publicly announced (so, this would seem to provide some verification of the accuracy of the texts).

News about Hancock’s messages has been coming out slowly over the past several days. I am not sure if the full spectrum of issues have been released yet.

2nd Smartest Guy below indicates other parts to the revelation game.


The Lockdown Files: “When do we deploy the new variant”

PSYOP-19 was from day one a One World Government global control and depopulation program.

One of the more effective assets of this “pandemic” scam was the UK health secretary Matt Hancock.

The Lockdown Files offer yet more evidence that the perpetrators not only developed the virus, but purposely leaked it in order to induce the greatest amount of fear; the lockdowns and MK Ultra mask compliance were the gateways for the maximum uptake of their slow kill bioweapon “vaccine” injections.

According to The Telegraph’s recent article entitled, Matt Hancock’s plan to ‘frighten the pants off everyone’ about Covidthe UK government and its various health agencies, universities, ministers, et al. were actively running a “Project Fear” on their citizenry.

[The] desire to scare the public into compliance. The WhatsApp messages seen by The Telegraph show how several members of Mr Hancock’s team engaged in a kind of “Project Fear”, in which they spoke of how to utilise “fear and guilt” to make people obey lockdown.

PSYOP-19 not only had nothing to do with actual science; but, rather, it was an openly anti-science or junk science military and intelligence social engineering exercise.

In a single WhatsApp exchange Matt Hancock had not only admitted to deceiving the public, but he was also tacitly admitting that the virus was intentionally leaked, and that they were deliberately readying their followup variant release(s):

It does not get anymore self-incriminating than this. The above evidence would be an open and shut case for any prosecutor willing to go after a Crimes Against Humanity case in England and/or the Hague.

Not only were these criminals leveraging the political fallout of Brexit, but they were instilling maximum fear as the global stock and bond markets were seizing up at the time; in other words, PSYOP-19 was a multifaceted operation with many coverup layers, and eugenics and total population control being its ultimate objective.

The “pandemic” was prematurely rushed out leveraging all of the WEF’s and the UN’s agendas in a not-ready-for-primetime series of events. This is why assets like Simon Case and Matt Hancock were so harried and sloppy in their machinations and communications.

Saving granny was always a twin-pronged meme: murdering as many geriatrics (with deadly drugs like Midazolam – ER: with morphine, and Remdesivir) as possible in order to discharge liabilities and assets, while concurrently reinforcing compliance with advanced mass induced fear and guilt brainwashing techniques as developed by their behavioral psychology nudge units.

There is now an overwhelming body of irrefutably damning evidence that exposes the entire PSYOP-19 conspiracy:

And critical One World Government assets such as Bill Gates are so far gone in their sociopathy and malignant narcissism that they are unable to conceal their true intentions and glee, with their aberrant mentally ill behavior now out in the open:

Only criminally insane people could have ever orchestrated and participated in a crime as egregious and absurd as PSYOP-19.

They truly want you dead.

Do NOT comply.




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  1. Obviously, there were no planes. The early warning system was shut off to hide the fact that there were no planes. There was no plane wreckage at the site, just a tiny engine conveniently “found” that was not the size of a Boeing engine. The fact that there were no planes is the most horrific part of the 9/11 Op. What really happened to the HUMAN BEINGS on the several flights alleged to have been hijacked that day? They had to have been taken off the flights and executed in cold blood. Where’s THAT investigation? Nowhere.

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