Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda, Groomed With CIA Help

March 6, 2022 0

ER Editor: According to this article, ‘terrorism’, which has long been known to be a wholly manufactured, western Deep State phenomenon to cause instability and destruction around the world, is being morphed into a ‘white […]


Gates, Microsoft and Epstein … The Cover-Up Continues

June 2, 2021 0

Gates, Microsoft and Epstein … The Cover-Up Continues With more revelations about the Bill Gates-Jeffrey Epstein relationship trickling out following the Gates’s divorce announcement, the evidence pointing to their relationship beginning decades prior to 2011 […]


The Digital Dictatorship Trio: DARPA, IARPA and now HARPA

May 7, 2021 2

Trifecta: DARPA, IARPA And Now HARPA To Complete ‘Digital Dictatorship’ TECHNOCRACY NEWS Technocrats are merging “health security” and “national security” to create the ultimate digital dictatorship. Three Technocrat-laced government agencies will operate in a lawless […]

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