Bakhmut Is Falling and It’s Obvious Why

March 8, 2023 1

ER Editor: Tweet update — 🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦 Battle for Bakhmut, situation as of 11.00 (09:00 CET time) a.m. on 8 March 2023 ◽️Evgeny Prigozhin,announced the liberation of the entire eastern part of Bakhmut. Everything east of […]


Patrick Lancaster Reports from Mariupol [VIDEOS]

March 29, 2022 0

ER Editor: UPDATE – DONETSK (Donbass) today. This is the second attack on the civilian population there by the Ukrainian military: Artillery Strike Hits Center Donetsk. Russia – Ukraine War. The first, filmed a few days […]