Failed Brexit? No Taxation Without Representation!

March 16, 2019 0

No Taxation Without Representation! JON GAUNT Today one of my Twitter followers complimented me with this tweet: “Jon, I remember you predicting this on your podcast just after the referendum result and at the time […]


Blackmail, Balderdash and the Brexit that Wasn’t

March 13, 2019 0

Blackmail, Balderdash and the Brexit that Wasn’t TOM LUONGO After a lot of drama, British Prime Minister Theresa May came back from Brussels with a breakthrough on Brexit. Only it wasn’t. While the changes to […]


Brussels Showing Its Fear of Euroskeptics

March 11, 2019 0

Brussels Shows Its Fear of Euroskeptics TOM LUONGO Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been under fire from the European Union for years for his opposition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open immigration policy. A […]

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