EU navies to face off China over Taiwan

April 25, 2023 0

ER Editor: Backchannels say that China is already ensconced in Taiwan, with action to secure the territory already taking place. Much like Russia with Ukraine. Back in 2022, Borrell was offering to act as mediator […]


The AUKUS Preparing a Nuclear War to Sustain Taiwan

September 25, 2021 4

ER Editor:  See our initial report, including an analysis by Alexander Mercouris, on the AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine deal, where France lost a contract started in 2016 to produce diesel submarines for Australia in favour of […]


WHO & Its Never-Ending List Of Errors

April 16, 2020 0

ER Editor: We also recommend this short piece written before the Coronavirus outbreak took off, titled Politics and Corruption at the World Health Organization (WHO). Of note: Like other world organisations born from the ashes […]