European Parliament embraces war criminal Zelensky

February 10, 2023 0

ER Editor: We’re filing this under ‘clown show’ or ‘movie set’. Readers may also be interested in this InfoBrics piece from today titled, Zelensky tours Europe while his people suffer on the battlefield ******** European […]


Italy Ends Ban on Non-Vaxxed Healthcare Workers

October 29, 2022 0

ER Editor: More evidence of the tide turning. Here’s the Reuters’ report on which the following is taken: Italy to end ban on health workers not vaccinated against Covid ******** Italy ends ban on non-vaxxed […]


EU to Soften Russia Sanctions – Reuters

July 21, 2022 0

EU to soften Russia sanctions – Reuters SAMIZDAT RT The European Union is planning to amend its sanctions on Moscow to facilitate trade in food and fertilizers, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The changes will allow EU nations to […]

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