The NWO Starts to Vanish from Public View

February 29, 2024 4

ER Editor: We don’t like the royals any more than Naked Emperor does below, but have been seeing a flurry of weird things going on, which might be called comms or markers. Below is a […]


Excess Deaths Just Keep on Coming Across the Board

May 4, 2023 4

ER Editor: Also see this by Andreas Oehler — 106% of Nova Scotia’s 80+ Fully Jabbed. Excess Deaths Hit Peak Since Start of COVID-19 Pandemic Of note:  ‘it’s happening internationally …’ And this from The […]


The Miracle of the Ineffective Vaccines

February 3, 2023 6

The Miracle of the Ineffective Vaccines Where would we all be now? NAKED EMPEROR Before I start, this isn’t about people dying who may not have died with an effective vaccine. It’s not about that. […]