Failed Brexit? No Taxation Without Representation!

March 16, 2019 0

No Taxation Without Representation! JON GAUNT Today one of my Twitter followers complimented me with this tweet: “Jon, I remember you predicting this on your podcast just after the referendum result and at the time […]


Brexit Is Now Law but Globalists Refuse to Surrender

June 29, 2018 0

Brexit Is Now Law, but Globalists Refuse to Surrender ALEX NEWMAN With Queen Elizabeth’s royal assent, the so-called European Union Withdrawal Act implementing U.K. voters’ Brexit decision to secede from the EU is now law, […]


BREXIT – Burned By Soros

February 26, 2017 1

ER Editor: this article originally appeared on November 4, 2016.  Gina Miller is a Soros puppet. ******** BREXIT – Burned By Soros BREXIT – BRIN – BREXIT — BRIN ??? They are out! They are in! […]


Article 50 ruling will change nothing

November 7, 2016 0

Article 50 ruling changes nothing BENJAMIN FOX Thursday’s ruling by the High Court came as a shock. Few expected financier Gina Miller to become an unlikely heroine for constitutional lawyers. Yet it is hard to […]