Soros’ global media invasion forces

March 14, 2019 1

ER Editor: A selected list of contributors to Soros’ media site is a rather incredible who’s-who of government elites and other key influencers. Which permits us to see who is batting on Soros’ team, such as […]


Brussels Showing Its Fear of Euroskeptics

March 11, 2019 0

Brussels Shows Its Fear of Euroskeptics TOM LUONGO Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been under fire from the European Union for years for his opposition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open immigration policy. A […]


George Soros Confirms He’s Losing in Europe

February 15, 2019 0

Soros Confirms He is Losing in Europe TOM LUONGO Last month at Davos, George Soros turned around completely on China, echoing the Trump administration (of all things) in warning the world against the rise of […]

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