What Does “Far-Right” Even Mean Anymore?

September 18, 2023 0

What Does “Far-Right” Even Mean Anymore?  TYLER DURDEN Authored by Mark Jeftovic via “Far right” is basically anything that contests the Establishment narrative. Anybody taking the legacy, corporate media at face value these days […]


German Intel Boss: Climate Scene Infiltrated by Extreme Left

October 21, 2019 0

 German intel boss: Climate scene infiltrated by extreme leftists It comes as no surprise: Hamburg’s domestic intel chief Torsten Voss has warned the establishment against an infiltration by left-wing extremists. FREEWEST MEDIA HAMBURG – Left-wing extremists […]


How Will White Liberals Wake Up?

April 9, 2019 0

How Will White Liberals Wake Up? PATRICK McDERMOTT White liberals can be maddening. They proceed through life happily proclaiming their devotion to progressivism, completely oblivious to the brewing demographic dangers on the horizon. Indeed, most […]