‘Woke’ Class Hatred On Full Display

December 29, 2019 0

ER Editor: We also recommend another Spiked Online piece from December 5, 2019 (a mere week before the stunning UK general election, which delivered another Brexit vote) by Brendan O’Neill titled Brexit, Actually. ******** Woke […]


LETTER FROM BRITAIN: Why Labour Really Lost

December 19, 2019 0

LETTER FROM BRITAIN: Why Labour Lost Post-election commentary speaks of Corbyn’s party achieving “its worst result since 1935.” Alexander Mercouris shows why that is a serious misrepresentation.  Labour’s Defeat Is Being Overstated ALEXANDER MERCOURIS in […]


Is Johnson the Greater Evil?

December 16, 2019 0

ER Editor: Our focus in republishing this piece by Eric Striker is on Boris Johnson (hence the liberty we’ve taken with his original title): what his track record indicates, and what he will do as […]


The Passion of Second Stringer Donald Tusk

November 21, 2019 0

The Passion of Second Stringer Donald Tusk TOM LUONGO “Don’t give up” the fight against Brexit was the message recently expressed by outgoing EU President Donald Tusk. Tusk cannot abide the idea of anyone resisting […]

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