Germany’s AfD Elects New Party Leaders

December 1, 2019 0

ER Editor: It all seems to be happening in German politics this week as the SDP party’s (centre left) veer to the Left has put the Grand Coalition with Merkel in some jeopardy. Meanwhile, the […]


Thuringia Foretells the Fracturing of Germany

November 5, 2019 0

Thuringia Foretells the Fracturing of Germany TOM LUONGO It’s hard to overstate the importance of the election results last weekend in Thuringia.  The complete collapse of the two centrist parties there, Angela Merkel’s CDU and […]


Germany Sliding Towards Instability

June 9, 2019 0

ER Editor: We also recommend this background piece by Politico on the key town of Bremen titled German Social Democrats fear double defeat – SPD risks loss of longtime fiefdom as well as EU election humiliation. ******** […]

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