Strong fences make good neighbours

Strong fences make good neighbours


Latvia has just completed a 90 km barbed-wire fence along its border with Russia.1) The Estonian authorities are soon to follow suit.2) Hungary built a wall along its border with Serbia some time ago.3)President Donald trump has promised and is going to deliver on his promise to construct a wall separating the United States from Mexico.4) Israel has long been building walls to shut off the Palestinian population from its territory.5) There is a heavily guarded border between North and South Korea. The UK built a wall in Calais to keep refugees out.6) The Spanish-Moroccan border is a fence.7) Also, Saudi Arabia has built an almost 1000-km-long wall along its border with Iraq.8) Where will the next fence emerge?

Almost right after the Second World War there appeared an iron curtain separating the West from the East, with an isle of the Western world within the precincts of Berlin. When in 1962 East Germany decided to put up a wall around West Berlin, the western world’s criticism had no end.

The Great Chinese Wall was to protect the Middle Kingdom against the inroads of the Mongols. Ancient roman emperors would also build a chain of fortifications – limes – or walls along the empire’s endangered borders, with the Antonine and Hadrian Walls traversing the province of Britannia from east to west. History has seen numerous walls, curtains or limes. Not only those separating countries or political systems but also those shutting off communities: consider medieval fortified towns, present-day urban residential gated communities that are fenced in, or no-go zones.

Fences and walls have been with us a long time and are here to stay. A natural phenomenon. Despite the globalist wishful thinking, diverse societies – types of culture, economic development levels, ideologies and creeds not to mention political systems – cannot and must not be boiled in one cauldron.


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