NETHERLANDS: More Medical Criminality, More Insanity, Rotterdam Explodes

ER Editor: We’re doing a two-fer from Daily Sceptic on the Netherlands. Please note that, as ever, we are not buying into the ‘more cases’ claim which could be due to a variety of medical conditions, vaccine reactions, or obscene testing rates producing false positives, yet again

See this piece we published earlier this week about Austria, titled ‘Count’ Schallenberg Relies on Heavily Ramped Up Testing to Generate His Brand of Tyranny. Written by an expert group calling themselves Initiative for Evidence-based Corona Information, according to their testimony the Austrian government – and we must surely generalize this claim across all our governments since we know by now that they’ve all been scripted and orchestrated the whole time – has vigorously ramped up Covid testing (PCR?) to produce those ‘cases’:

TRIBUNE – Vienna (OTS) – When Alexander, Count Schallenberg, wants to lockdown the non-vaccinated and make life “unpleasant for them”, he is only provoking and dividing people in order to force them to be injected with a doubtful product.

It may, however, become unpleasant for the ex-Count himself, when it becomes known that the current panic is a house of cards collapsing before our eyes – and he will have to answer for it. Corona infections are no longer rampant, contrary to what the government-fed press suggests.

The official figures unquestionably show a massive decline in these infections. The percentage is only 10%, from the November 2020 finding. If the figure for positive tests is just as high, it means absolutely nothing. Currently, ten times as many tests are being performed as a year ago; in 2020, only 20,000 to 30,000 covid tests were being performed per day, and right now it’s 200,000 to 300,000. On November 12, 2021, the official number is 374,000 tests per day. It is obvious that there are few infections, since it takes ten times as many tests to arrive at a more or less equivalent number of positive tests. As the president of the federation recently told us, the injections offer no protection to those who are vaccinated or to others. While one of the president’s staff members, despite having received a two-dose injection, came down with Covid-19, the president – who claims to have received a three-dose injection – had to telework.


So we’re seeing precisely the same playbook as in March 2020: clearing out the hospitals for that massive influx of Covid patients, WHICH NEVER MATERALIZED. This lie has been exposed in France. See

Panic in the Matrix? Covid Accounted for Only 2% of Hospitalizations in 2020

Why does a KNOWN, PROVEN cancer patient or heart patient get DENIED TREATMENT for a POSSIBLE, PROJECTED Covid ‘case’?

Why isn’t Ivermectin being liberally dished out?

What does it take to stop this criminal madness?


Netherlands Delay Treatment for Cancer and Heart Patients to Free up Space for Covid Patients


Preparing for another Covid wave, the Netherlands has begun to delay treatment and vital operations for cancer and heart patients to ensure that there is more space in intensive care units for incoming Covid patients. Reuters has the story.

Dutch healthcare officials said on Friday they have begun delaying operations for some cancer and heart patients to free up space in intensive care units during a record wave of Covid infections.

“These are cancer patients that should actually be operated on within six weeks of diagnosis, and that won’t be met in all cases. It’s also heart patients,” said a spokesperson for LCPS, the national organisation that allocates hospital resources.

“It’s horrible, of course, for the patients.”

The National Institute for Health (RIVM) reported a record of more than 23,000 new cases in the previous 24 hours on Thursday, compared with the previous daily high of around 13,000 reached in December 2020.

With 85% of the adult population vaccinated, both hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) admission rates have so far remained lower than they were at the height of the initial wave in April 2020, although there is a delay between the date of infection and the date of admission to hospital.

With fewer than 200 beds remaining in Dutch ICU as of Thursday, hospitals are scrambling to add more capacity.

Worth reading in full.


Dutch Police Open Fire on Anti-Lockdown Protestors


Seven people have been injured after Dutch police fired on anti-lockdown protestors on Friday night, amid rising anger at new Covid restrictions.

MailOnline has more.

Police confirmed the injuries in Rotterdam on Friday and said they had fired both “warning shots” and directly at protesters – but did not say if live ammunition or rubber bullets were fired.

Local media reported that at least 20 people were arrested.

Police also fired water cannons to disperse demonstrators who lit fires and set off fireworks in one of Rotterdam’s main shopping streets, one week after the new COVID-19 measures came into force.

The violent scenes came amid a rising anger at coronavirus measures across Europe, with Austria making vaccines mandatory and introducing a full lockdown from Monday, and German ministers not ruling out following its neighbour’s lockdown lead.

Restrictions have also been placed on the unvaccinated in Germany – where they have been banned from Restaurants – as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Video from social media appeared to show a person being shot in Rotterdam, but there was no immediate word on what happened.

Police said in a tweet that it was “still unclear how and by whom” the person was apparently shot.

Local media reported seven people were injured and at least 20 were arrested, with one eyewitness – a press photographer – telling De Telegraaf they saw shell casings “everywhere on the floor”.

Police spokesperson Patricia Wessels confirmed that police fired shots, though it was not immediately clear what type of rounds were fired.

“We fired warning shots and there were also direct shots fired because the situation was life-threatening,” she said.

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: Michael P. Senger has posted a tweet showing Dutch police shooting at protestors.


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6 Comments on NETHERLANDS: More Medical Criminality, More Insanity, Rotterdam Explodes

  1. @Yop If something in the text of the article makes you think TLB is trying to “exonerate the crimes” of policemen, then note that both articles are written by Daily Sceptic. But I fail to see how that is true.

    Also there’s a lot of cops that are dealing with an existential crisis within their jobs right now. They refuse to do policework if they are asked to be present during these kind of corona-protests for example. I think it’s therefore important to keep in mind that not all cops are bad. In fact a growing number of policemen have turned to the side of the citizens. They are “awake”, and aware what is going on in varying degrees.

    Bad behaviour, or crimes need of course to be called out. That’s exactly what was done in this report.

  2. We have a solid record in opposing this type of thing, Yop. And we don’t appreciate comments such as ‘you of all outlets are trying to exonerate the crimes…’. Your comment will stand this one time.

  3. here is a video on the censorship channel ‘twitter’:

    A journalist Marco Buis has been effectively shot by real bullets fired from the police.

    The criminal spokesperson from the police is lying. This journalist threatened nobody but is telling the truth, therefore it’s a murder attempt.

    Rutte should resign and be sent to jail.

    The videos are all over the internet and it is possible that the ‘police’ in question is an EU armed force (what were they doing there).

    This is WAR and if the people don’t respond in kind, we will live in communist china by the end of next quarter.

    I do not appreciate that you of all outlets are trying to exonerate the crimes committed by the neo-N cops in The Netherlands.

    Schallenberg belongs in jail, to wait for his trial for crimes vs humanity and his execution as a genocide mass murderer.

  4. Andare con le automobili dove ci sono i magazzini di Amazon in modo da bloccare il traffico e impedire le consegne delle merci vendute da Amazon. Così cominciamo a colpire uno dei complici del GREAT RESET.

  5. The last video is taken on the Coolsingel, the shopping heart of Rotterdam. Quite a different audience from the protests we have seen over the last one and a half years, where mostly middle-aged people were peacefully walking.

    There’s a low-quality video online where someone went horizontal, after what sounds like a gunshot, and it’s claimed that person got killed, but I have seen no confirmation in media, both mainstream or alternative.

    Thanks again for reporting.

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