Greece 2020: Covid Lockout as a Cover for Global Capitalist Collapse, Part One

ER Editor: At ER, we have the Globalists’ agenda (however it may be determined or defined) in view. Clearly, the COVID-19 alleged outbreak is working to advance other big plays. In this piece, V.N. Gelis deals with the prospective changes faced by business and the economy, notably that the virus crisis is advancing the psyop on people to accept limited part-time work from home, government handouts, and even more massive government indebtedness. Crucially, the business world is preparing for big changes.

The only idea that we take issue with in this piece is the following: “this is a global crime started in China for their own specific reasons…”. There is much dispute – and western media censorship – over the notion that a) it started in China, or that b) the Chinese are somehow behind it. Competing claims are being made that it may have started in the US first, and that China for geopolitical reasons is under attack. There is simply no smoking gun evidence to decide definitively.


Greece 2020: Covid Lockout as a Cover for Global Capitalist Collapse Part One


“Our first priority is to save lives. Our interests are humans and public health” – Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greek PM

“We correctly suspended all mass party activities as we have a high concept of social responsibility” – Alexis Tsipras, former Greek PM

From Stay in Europe to Stay at Home…

All beaches closed to the public, and the hotel industry closed till 30th April, 2020

For decades, the fake left had maximum 24 hours strikes. During the arrival of the IMF, they extended it to a whopping 48 hours. Now we have a government General Strike against its citizens by initially closing down schools, then all shops and now by shutting down all economic activity, bar supermarkets and pharmacies, for 14 days which will be extended, and at the same time with no actual support of those sectors closing down. Never before have we had so much political unity with all the parties supporting the measures to commit collective economic and social hara-kiri over a 2nd pandemic by the WHO since 2000.

A 24/7 propaganda started of an alleged virus which originated from China that they have taken war measures against without actually completing any other related issues, like ration cards, emergency payments, emergency hospitals – just one attack after another against the citizens for being outside by the sea, for people opening their businesses. But at the same time, they are accepting and shipping in migrant blow ins to various parts of the country. They also allegedly banned marches, but the Antifa brigades marched in central Lesvos nonetheless.

The US crisis started in 1971 and the transfer of production to China alongside the rise of technology, i.e. automation in many sectors of the economy, meant a lot of economies in the West became service sector economies, and the expansion of wars in the last two decades during the USA’s attempt at becoming the unipolar leader of the world failed abysmally.

Marx noted over 170 years ago, analysing capitalist production, that the rapid development of production and the constant competition that increases the availability of material goods, productive forces would eventually pass into fewer and fewer hands, at the same time as unemployment rising, whilst products produced cannot be consumed by the actual market. One should always remember the alleged dialogue between the Head of the Ford Corporation and the head of the Autoworkers Trade Union, when he showed him a new automated factory and laughed that ‘we don’t need trade unions’! Whilst the Head of the Autoworkers responded, ensure the robots buy your cars as well.

What can we say about our era? Trains drive on their own, buses and cars are being tipped to be driverless, whole sectors of production are automated. This is now the main blockage for the global economy, and why they started importing migrants for cheap labour to lower all standards and wages. It appears the microchips have held their necks hostage and blood is no longer flowing to the brain. Noticing everything that is going on around us, they are trying to solve the problems they haven’t so far been able to, i.e. have skeleton workforces and computerise everything using the feeble excuse of a fake virus with silly masks on people’s faces. Capitalism in decline has entered clown world, and it’s difficult to see how they step back from this after the stock market collapses and the shutdown of cities, i.e. the general lockdowns that are being imposed.

What measures will they take? The Future is Here in the Present

As days go by, more and more the lies surrounding Corona virus will spread much faster than the actual non-existent virus itself. Here we are dealing with a crime and the alibi a murderer always requires before he gets the victim, and this is a global crime started in China for their own specific reasons and spread to the EU via Italy and finally to the UK and the USA (with the lockdown of New York and Los Angeles)

Already many workers are up in the air as many businesses have been shut down by government dictat. If the individual boss lockdowns the business, then the responsibility falls on the shoulder of the owners to pay the wages, but in the case of it being a government decision, then there are no such obligations. So what will happen?

To support all those on wages, they claim they will give Euro 500, that all obligations to Inland Revenue will be suspended, but in reality all provisional measures taken will become… permanent, like the old ‘haratsi’ (property tax which was a provisional tax by the IMF) which, a decade later, is still here.

What are they actually preparing? To increase home working, which is another step in the direction of part time work they have already introduced. A lecturer at the Athens Economic and Business school said “maybe the Corona virus epidemic is something extraordinary in business activities, but the practice will remain intact when the ‘alarm’ is over. As many businesses and govts are losing billions of Euros due to the epidemic, some actions will become permanent.

Thus what will be supported significantly in the last years like remote working, which isn’t something new but now is being given extra impetus by a virus, which increases its development massively. Already technological giants like Alphabet, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook have asked their workers to work from home.

The changes which are coming will lead or stigmatise our society and its structures but especially the economy and its businesses in a more sudden and violent way, processes that came to arrive. As is noted in Harvard Business Review in an article on the Coronavirus, businesses are ‘prepare[d] for a changed world’. Everything is changing, in such a fashion where the change could be characterised as a Darwinian development. The man is stating it in a veiled form, but for the peoples of the world he is implying the gates of hell have opened.

A lecturer at the University of Athens, George Doukidis, noted that ‘In Greece, one can discern that we can be influenced negatively by serious pillars of the national economy like tourism, transportation and various export sectors.’

At the same time the psychology of consumers is being influenced negatively. The reduction of markets, of movement and those who take part in meetings/festivals, etc. for reasons of hygiene are also linked to the feeling of insecurity which dominates, which is in turn ‘translated’ into behaviour that we observe in periods of deep economic crisis’…


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