German Lawmakers Reject Mandatory Vaccination Bill of Globalist-Socialist Chancellor

ER Editor: We’re doing a two-fer from LifeSite News. First, the most welcome story that Germany’s Globalist-Green-Socialists have failed to get any foot in the door for mandatory vaccination (this was to be for the over 60s but would likely have been a slippery slope for everyone else). And as the first story reports, it was those hideous ‘far-right’ Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) members who unanimously voted against this tyrannical measure. Below the first story, we’re publishing a second which details AfD leader Alice Weidel’s speech against the measure. She knocks it out the park in terms of defense of human liberty and medical realities about the vaccines and healthcare staff.

This is an important vote because, had it happened first in France, our MP-equivalents would certainly have voted for it. That it’s been voted down in Germany will necessarily give pause for thought on the French side at the very least.


And this snippet from Zerohedge on the same topic, further revealing the very partisan nature of this vote:

Update (0900ET): In what appears to be a major blow for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Bundestag has rejected a bill that would have made COVID vaccination mandatory for all Germans over the age of 60.

Scholz had managed to build broad support for the bill among members of his ‘stop sign’ coalition, but when it came time to vote, 378 out of 683 parliamentarians voted against the bill, while only 296 voted in favor. The failure of the vote elicited cheers from AfD lawmakers, Reuters reported. It was a free vote, with lawmakers instructed not to follow party lines.

The Chancellor pulled out all the stops for the vote, even summoning his foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, to leave a NATO meeting in Brussels to return for the vote.

Should the bill have passed, it’s pretty clear what Scholz next step would have been. The Chancellor has been pushing for mandatory vaccination for all adults.


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BERLIN –A majority of German MPs have rejected a bill to make vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory for citizens over 60. 

Out of the 683 MPs gathered at the German parliament for the Thursday vote, 378 voted against the measure, 296 said they were in favor, and 9 abstained.  

German lawmakers have been debating for months the introduction of a mandatory vaccination policy for all its citizens over 18, similar to the one introduced in Austria.  

The rejected bill had been pushed through by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his health minister Karl Lauterbach who, back in March, blamed the unvaccinated for ongoing COVID restrictions, saying that they were “currently responsible for us not getting anywhere.” 

The proposal was referred to as a “compromise” by members from the so called “traffic light coalition” composed of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens, as it would have made vaccination mandatory for people over 60 only.  

Had the bill passed, it would have meant that everyone over 60 would have been required to show proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 by October 15. The bill would have also imposed a compulsory “counselling session on vaccination” for all citizens between 18-59 years of age by May 15.  

The vote was preceded by an intense series of debates in the past few weeks, the last of which took place this morning and lasted for more than three hours.  

One party which made its opposition to the vaccine mandate heard loud and clear was the Alternative for Germany (AfD) which voted unanimously against the bill.  

In a speech preceding the vote, AfD leader Alice Weidel described the mandate as “totalitarian” and “radically unconstitutional.” 

Her sentiments were shared by senior member of the FDP Wolfgang Kubicki who argued that “it is not the job of this house to protect adults against their own will.” 

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach expressed his concerns on Twitter following the rejection of his bill, warning of a “harder fight” against COVID next fall.  

The German health minister frequently hints at an upcoming end-of-year COVID wave in his defence for mandatory vaccination. 

“It is a very important decision because now the fight against corona in Autumn has become much more difficult. Laying political blame does not help. We move on,” tweeted Lauterbach. 


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BERLIN (LifeSiteNews) – A German opposition leader delivered a powerful speech against mandating COVID vaccines today.  

The leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Alice Weidel, addressed the German parliament ahead of a decisive vote on a vaccine mandate for people over 60, describing the measure as “totalitarian” and the mRNA COVID vaccines as “unconventional.” 

Weidel gave her address Thursday morning ahead of the vote on a vaccine mandate bill that failed to pass. Had it passed, it would have compelled German citizens over 60 to be “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 by October 15.  

The German MP described the rights to life and to bodily integrity as “fundamental rights,” and explained that “when a government presumes to bend [these] supreme right[s] to its will, we no longer need a Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution to say that this government is acting in an anti-constitutional manner.” 

“The vaccine mandate is not only radically anti-constitutional, it is a totalitarian presumption and a degradation of the individual,” she argued. 

Weidel summed up the position of those who are in favor of mandatory vaccination, and said their argument equates to saying, “Because you are supposedly endangering me with your body, you have forfeited the right to make free decisions about it.” 

“A frightful view,” she said.  

“When does the human body no longer represent a danger? After the third, fourth, or fifth vaccination?” she asked rhetorically. 

“Who decides that? And who gives the state the right to force us to our alleged happiness? Because we MPs are smarter than the rest?” 

The leader of the AfD party then pointed out that healthcare workers and doctors, “i.e. those with the most knowledge [on this issue],” have been resigning en masse since a vaccine mandate was imposed on them.  

She then recalled the various lockdowns imposed on the German people, arguing that these were also senseless and not based on scientific facts.  

“After our freedom, our bodies are now on the line,” she stated.  

In the second part of her speech, the 43-year-old German politician called into question the safety of the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines, observing that “these vaccines are not conventional vaccines.” 

“None of these [vaccines] have obtained regular approval,” she said and declared that the German government is “making decisions” regarding mandatory vaccination “without reliable data.” 

“There are no reliable numbers on vaccination-statuses, side-effects and hospitalizations,” she argued and pointed out that even double-vaccinated people are now counted as unvaccinated in the statistics if their last vaccination was over six months ago.  

“A vaccination status that is only valid for half a year; … there even the government has to admit that vaccination is no good,” she said.  

Weidel then mentioned “chaos” when it comes to recording the number of adverse events from the jabs.  

“There are increasing signs of a dramatic under-reporting of serious health damage from the novel mRNA vaccines,” she said, insisting that these cases are “by no means rare.” 

“Marburg University Hospital opened a special outpatient clinic specifically for this, and it’s overflowing. There are waiting lists of over 800 patients there and hundreds of emails every day,” she said. 

The AfD leader ended her speech by calling the coalition efforts to usher in mandatory vaccination “outrageous” and “irresponsible,” and described the bill for mandatory vaccination of people over 60 as a “Trojan horse” to gradually impose mandatory vaccination on all citizens. 

“You can’t get any more deceitful than that,” she said.





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