French Presidential Candidate Zemmour Gets Nailed by Christine Deviers-Joncour

Open Letter to Eric Zemmour by C. Deviers-Joncour

Today, in the midst of a slump, economic collapse, health tyranny, loss of jobs, loss of freedom, misery, dangerous vaccines that have become mandatory, including for children… you come to talk to us about immigration? But how much are you paid to divert attention from the real problems?


Open letter to Eric Zemmour.

Do you remember that time, at the beginning of 2000, when we were talking on a bench in front of the church and fountain of Place Saint Sulpice in Paris? We had the same publisher, Editions du Rocher.

I was fighting at the time to restore my honor and dignity, and the fuse that I had become in the most enormous affair of political corruption, trying to save my skin while denouncing their turpitudes! I was one of the first to dare to tell the truth about the political class, and the blows were terrible in return! You were then only a young journalist with no money… who was rowing hard!

I trusted you because you had supported me one evening on a TV set of political guests and you had taken my defense… Rare at the time because the hallali sounded from all sides against the designated fuse that I was.

Then a few years later on a TV set of “On n’est pas couchés” (ER: a late-night Saturday TV show with lots of guests), you had, with the words of a snake, laminated me… undoubtedly to demonstrate how faithful you are to your convictions. Ruquier (ER: show host) himself at the end came to me astonished and apologized that you didn’t even come to shake my hand. With a “friend” like you, one doesn’t need enemies anymore…

What a radical change!

If you are an honest journalist, you keep your ethics. One informs cleanly and has the courage to bring to light the malpractices and drifts of our political class. It seemed to me then that you were part of these courageous people who make the honor of this profession. But it was only an illusion because you are no different from the others, you would be even worse.

The others, those who forget deontology and morality and who serve their own ambition and interests by using untruths and lies.

“Lying is pissing against the wind,” they say. Beware of the boomerang because, for a few months now, we have clearly recognized those who have totally turned their backs on ethics and serve their masters: the globalists! What a debacle!

Greed and corruption! Faced with dubious gratifications, man, alas, is often cowardly, fragile and spineless!

And then, as they approach the summit of power, some feel their wings growing and lose all control. Isn’t it exhilarating to approach the court of the prince? The place of the king?

And you, Eric Zemmour, the versatile weathervane, who says one thing and its opposite, you are selling your soul to the devil and the evil lure of power has intoxicated you.

Today, in the midst of a slump, economic collapse, health tyranny, loss of jobs, loss of freedom, misery, dangerous vaccines that have become mandatory, including for children… you come to talk to us about immigration? But how much are you paid to divert attention from the real problems?

Why don’t you say that immigration is desired and favored by your friend Jacques Attali (pictured, and below with Zemmour),who declares that Europe has a “vital need for 150 million new immigrants”? Why don’t you point out the source rather than the consequence? He who favors the “Great Replacement” that you denounce?

Do you share the work to feed racial and religious hatred? Each one plays his role? For what purpose ? To provoke a civil war in our country and to make France a new Lebanon, by always designating the eternal scapegoats that are the Muslims?

Do you really believe that the French will be fooled by this abject scheme?

Moreover, a few months ago, you were in favor of a tightening of the health measures, but during the pre-electoral campaign, you assert without shame that you would be opposed to compulsory vaccination and to the sanitary pass ?

You did not have harsh enough words to designate Europe as the source of all our misfortunes, but today, in order to serve the interests of those who finance you, you affirm that we must remain in it?

You described the euro as the source of the French people’s impoverishment, but now that the Elysian mirage is approaching, you decree that it must be kept?

But when do you tell the truth Eric Moses Zemmour?

What interests do you really defend, you who claim to be more French than the French? You who dream of transforming our country into a new European Israel, citing the country of apartheid as an example to follow?

Do you believe that the French will be fooled by your lies and your pathetic Machiavellian strategy of pitting us against each other? How are you different from those you vilify?

Your appearance on the cover of the dishonest and sold press and your massive presence in the media of your billionaire friends, with rigged polls, try to make us believe that you would be the “new phenomenon” and make your popularity rise in a senseless and artificial way. Same pattern as with E. Macron…! A new product, a new detergent supposed to wash whiter than white. A new scam!

And you believe us naive enough not to see it? You are well placed to know that polls are only instruments of manipulation of public opinion! And you wallow in them without any shame, thus contributing to deceiving the French.

So are you just a vulgar populist puppet in the hands of the World Order like the others?

Beware because the French people are waking up and are no longer fooled, and the backlash will be terrible. Far beyond what you can imagine because you do not realize the anger that is rumbling against this globalist elite responsible for all our misfortunes and all our sufferings. This elite that you dream of joining at any price.

When people will have lost their jobs and their loved ones, when they will see their lives end in tatters because of corrupt politicians, of this commercial and immoral medicine, of these professional liars that have become the domestic journalists of the Power, and in front of this murderous globalist madness, their anger will be as high as what they have undergone. Do not doubt it.

And the gold of the Republic will not constitute a protection for anybody, not even you.

For too long our country has been sinking from Charybdis to Scylla with successive governments more and more harmful and mediocre. Please do not extend this sad list. The fact is that the people of France want to take back their destiny in their hands and eliminate the scoundrels. Never like today have the French needed honesty as much as they need clean air to breathe. Never as today have the French needed leaders with integrity and loyalty because they have been betrayed, deceived and plundered for too long.

Wisdom, Eric Zemmour, is when Good embraces Evil, when Love seduces Hate, when Strength seduces Weakness, when Power protects Life.

And it is obvious that you do not have this Wisdom…

Let’s hear it!




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3 Comments on French Presidential Candidate Zemmour Gets Nailed by Christine Deviers-Joncour

  1. Excellent Christine, as usual, saying exactly what the french People think. She is also perfectly aware of the electronic rigging of the votes counts and so the fake presidents we have since after 2005 (referendum against EU dictzatorship).

    Thank you very much for publishing this.
    The rest will follow !

  2. What a brave and courageous woman to expose the lies. This is what the globalists fear and this is what is needed; the mask to be ripped off so we can see who they really are.

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