Dr. Robert Malone Goes on the Attack Yet Again

ER Editor: We just got ourselves an education by reading the right piece. We highly recommend this piece by Dr. Peter Breggin, published via SeeMoreRocks

Dr. Robert Malone Attacks and Maligns Leading Freedom Fighters

We had no idea about the scope and scale of his attacks against medical people and researchers trying to bring out truth about the plandemic. This piece covers just that.

Now he’s taking aim at Dr. Paul Alexander, who might be a different kettle of fish. Alexander’s been a tireless defender of truth and those speaking it, especially in Canada.


We remind viewers of the apparently preplanned attack on Malone by journalist Alex Berenson on Fox News some time ago. Perhaps Berenson knew more than he was saying.


Cicero & Dr. Robert Malone, what do they have in common? The former spoke about ‘the enemy within’, the latter IS the enemy within; he knows it, we know it, Malone is a GRIFTER fraud; I tried silence!

Malone has been firing off lawyer letters to McCullough and everyone he could, anyone he could bully, and his groupies, so he attacked now, so welcome Robert, to my world, let’s dance! you fraud!

I am pained, deeply, by Malone today. That I too was moved to respond.

Malone, the enemy within, causing damage and destruction to the Freedom fighter movement. Yes, Cicero described him well. I am surprised that it went on so long.

The honeymoon is over and it should not be this way but it is. Malone and I today are officially divorced, I am divorcing him. He can keep the house and car and all the furniture, but the ‘facts’, the ‘truth’ I take with me. I will leave him the basket of ‘fraud’ and ‘deception’. That’s it, our affairs are now settled, no divorce lawyer needed. We had no children together. He could keep the horses, too.

I fight the fraudulent CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID and all of the corrupted reckless health officials, Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna with their failed deadly ineffective gene injection, Ashish Jha, Rochelle Walensky, daily, these corruptible inept people, I help wage against the lies and deception of officials in the prior Trump administration like Azar, the current administration for the lockdown lunacy that killed our business owners, killed our laid off employees, killed our children, the fraud school closures that caused children to take their lives, hanging themselves, data the fraud fecal putrid legacy media hid from you as Trump fought them, yes, I fight against all of it with warriors like Risch, Oskoui, McCullough, Ladapo et al. Daily the last 3 years. Real American warriors, and some Canadians like Tenenbaum etc. I will commit my life to battle with these people to do God’s work here for we are trying to fix madness that was set upon us by some very sick dangerous deadly forces.

And if I must take on Malone too, I will place him in the same bucket and fight him too, for it is time, it is time someone schools him on proper behavior and truth. I have been silent too long and watched him attack good freedom warriors. Now he has come at me (it’s been building) and now I will respond.

The Freedom movement is well, alive, and strong. Malone was never and will never be the movement. The movement needs no leader and certainly not him. The movement is strong.

If any leader is to be considered, it is McCullough and Risch. They started this fight to help stop the lockdowns and the madness. They pioneered early treatment with Oskoui and Ladapo and Zev Zelenko and folk like Littell, Smith, Fareed, Armstrong, Tyson, Vliet, Breggin etc.

Malone goes around, poking people, suing them, threatening to sue, harassing them, bullying them, etc. and slandering them and plays games with language. It is sad, but he is the common denominator and people are silent in the hopes he shouts them out to get some play on their fledgling substack or wherever. I don’t need Malone. It’s right vs wrong for me, period!

I warned you Malone in the past, don’t phu*k with me, I am not anyone you dealt with before.

Now, you smeared me and now I will respond. I asked you nicely not to mess with me.

That the guy who tells you he invented the very same thing that has killed our children and parents and peoples, the guy who collects money off of that, begging you for your money and giving nothing in return, the guy who turns up to speeches with me and others and not once tells people what they wanted to hear, the guy who will be silent and come talk about horses and farms and European trips and junk, and you fail in interviews to ask the key questions. What was his role? What did he invent, as we can find no record of anything. If he did play a role, what can he tell us to have saved lives with the fraud gene shot? How to turn it off, how does it work if you invented it?

Again, I told him phu*k with other people, not with me. He crossed the line. I am sorry, I apologize. And you will see anger here in my tone but I am angry, so don’t go telling me I am angry. I am. It is not you he wrote about. I don’t like when people do that to anyone including me. He meant to hurt me in an open forum, public, and it does hurt.

So I am responding.

See, I was minding my business and he interfered with me again. So I have to respond. He has gone after good people and sued good people and fires off lawyer letters, etc. He and the company he works with owes me $10,000 for my work that they used to raise money, I know what they did, and they have failed to pay me for using my work. Malone, shove it up your ass, I don’t want it, you and your company, nothing from you or the fraud company you attach to for word is that crypto arena is steeped in pedophilia. Especially those who have bases, etc. in Puerto Rico. Those are people who should be in the deepest darkest recesses of prisons. If you did not know, I inform you now.

I beg you again, do not interfere with me, do not write about me in the public space, you do not know me, I am not your friend, do not mention my name. I will respond in kind if you attack me in the public space.

And do not reach out to me, folk out there, saying ‘Paul, do not reply to him just stay out’. Like that. I will say, do not do that. I know it one way. I ‘war’ one way. Do not interfere with people, do not attack them etc. if you are not prepared for the reply. I war one way.

Malone does nothing for the Freedom movement and has used it to enrich himself and now just creates destruction. He damages good people. Oh his ‘feelings’ are hurt by them. The movement can survive without him. Without anyone. We basically stand alone and battle on our own and this is best. Yet this guy is moving along damaging good people. I cannot stand by silent anymore.

IMO, he is nothing but a fraud. He knows it. A grifter master.




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