Nigerians Protest Forced Elimination of Cash

March 9, 2023 1

Nigerians Not Eager To Embrace Central Bank Digital Currency TYLER DURDEN Authored by Michael Maharrey via Violent protests in Nigeria reveal that getting average people to embrace central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) might be […]


When end-of-life ‘care’ is a death sentence

March 7, 2023 2

ER Editor: There are those voicing the suspicion that the current hullabaloo about Matt Hancock, former health minister, is meant to distract from revelations about the treatment (of lack thereof) and death pathways the elderly […]


RT Germany Has Its Accounts Frozen

March 4, 2023 0

ER Editor: Readers may also be interested in hearing about RT France’s woes —Who really killed RT France Happily, it is still reachable if you have a VPN – Regular is available under the […]

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