Is This a Possible COVID Vaccine Antidote?

May 15, 2021 0

ER Editor: Makia Freeman quotes from this article below, but we independently recommend reading this – Possible Antidote for the V-Serum and the Current Spike Protein Contagion. Check out this ‘how to’ piece from Cures […]


The Corona Crisis: Has “Depopulation” Already Begun?

May 14, 2021 0

The Corona Crisis: Has “Depopulation” Already Begun? PETER KOENIG All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version).  […]


The Ethnic Cleansing of Jerusalem

May 13, 2021 0

ER Editor: Readers may also be interested in this recent Al Jazeera piece titled Sheikh Jarrah residents speak out on Israel’s forced expulsions. See also this by Electronic Intifada, Fear and fury in Sheikh Jarrah. […]

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