Angela Merkel’s Disastrous Failed Policies for Germany

Angela Merkel’s Disastrous Failed Policies for Germany


Chancellor Angela Merkel has thrown the Federal Republic of Germany into the greatest period of political instability since WW2 as the electorate increasingly rejects CDU policies that appear to have now destabilised the country’s economic and social structure, and also endangered its security by: 

1. Allowing the mass influx of over one million migrants from North Africa and the Middle East, to join the substantial number already in Germany, who cannot be absorbed without damaging society and who pose serious social and economic consequences for native German citizens, the majority of whom have apparently only now realised that the huge numbers of foreign migrants have no intention of ever returning to their home countries when the wars are over but will instead insist on bringing their families to live with them permanently in Germany, to eventually replace the local population.

2. Taking the extraordinary action (out of some misplaced sense of guilt for WW2) of supplying Binyamin Netanyahu’s hard-Right Israeli administration with a fleet of state-of-the-art, German-3426155232built, government-subsidised, Dolphin Class submarines now converted by the Israeli navy to be nuclear-armed, undersea, military attack vessels with cruise missiles that could blow Germany itself out of the water, and which are now assumed to be secretly patrolling the Mediterranean and other international waterways.

Both these unilateral actions are, unfortunately, irrevocable and will inevitably bring far-reaching repercussions to Europe – consequences that are only now being belatedly appreciated, not just by Germany but by the EU as a whole.

Angela Merkel’s legacy will be one of disunity and divisiveness of cultural identity that has structurally, socially and militarily weakened that which had been the strongest political and economic entity in Europe for over 70 years, and which will almost certainly also impact the future of major German exporters  such  Daimler-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche and others.


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