Christchurch New Zealand: Tragedy or Travesty? [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Below Dr. Sabrosky‘s article, we’ve added a detailed breakdown of problems with the video of the shooting provided by Dr. Scott Bennett at Veterans Today. The long version of the shooting video is linked-to below; another interesting video showing problems with the bullet cartridges can also be found below.

We also recommend another VT article republished by ER today titled New Zealand: The Unraveling of an Israeli Mass Murder? What We Know.


Christchurch New Zealand: Tragedy or Travesty?


Most people were shocked to hear that a shooter had invaded mosques in Christchurch New Zealand last week, killing 49 people and wounding others. Word that he was a white nationalist (the Left’s favorite villain these days) spread rapidly, as did the determination by New Zealand’s prime minister to undertake a major reappraisal of the country’s gun laws.

Rather less publicity was given some oddly dissonant details that gradually seeped out. There were claims that the shooter had some Jewish heritage, although that was hotly disputed by others, and that Communist China was his favorite country – not exactly a favorite of real white nationalists anywhere, I believe. Israel took up the cause of the victims with Netanyahu condemning the attack, itself a bit strange as he and the Israeli government have never cared overmuch about what happened to Muslims anywhere, and occurred while Israeli warplanes were busily savaging Gaza in one of their periodic onslaughts against the Palestinians cringing in their fish-barrel there.


But the oddest thing was the appearance of a video supposedly recorded by the shooter as his attack unfolded – I saw the short version on YouTube twice before it was pulled, with some sources claiming that the New Zealand government threatened severe criminal penalties for re-posting it.

(ER: links to the longer version of the video can be found below)

Now I am not in New Zealand so I cannot independently verify what did or did not happen. But I can tell you that I had the oddest reaction to the video of the actual shootings, apparently looking down the length of the rifle (presumably a variant of an AR-15) as the shooter fired while walking forward, then paused briefly to change magazines, then continued to shoot. My impression was that I was watching a sanitized version of one of those “soldier in combat” action games, and not an actual shooting.

Why? My ten years in the US Marine Corps, including two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division, had me watching the video with a growing sense of disbelief. First, for all of the shooting going on, there were no screams – not from the wounded or the dying, and not from others present in the mosque, when there should have been a cacophony of screams – people generally do that when they are shot or in fear of being shot, yet not here. All one could hear was murmuring or chanting from somewhere in the near distance.

Second, in the short video, as the shooter walked down halls firing as he went, there was no blood or other offal anywhere – yet .223 rounds make nasty wounds so there ought to have been blood – LOTS of blood – on the floors and walls everywhere. Nor was there any evidence of the outpouring of vomit, urine and feces that accompanies violent death, especially in those numbers.

And third, there was no visible evidence along the shooter’s walkway of physical damage to walls, windows or doors from errant rounds or rounds that passed through victims and went on to hit something else. Yet from the amount of shooting going on, there ought to have been lots of physical damage visible to even the casual observer. There surely was no reason for anyone to feel the need to conceal it, so where was it? I cannot say.


The whole thing reminded me of other tragedies in other places that had different inconsistencies standing in stark contrast to the preferred official narrative of “whodunit” and why. One was the massacre in a gay night club in Florida, where a lone gunman stacked up scores of victims. Yet to be able to do that, he would have had to walk down the street and through the club with 20 or more magazines for his rifle, shooting & reloading as he went. It isn’t obvious to me how anyone even in prime condition (which the person named as the Florida shooter was not) could pull that off.

Another was the San Bernadino CA incident, which I first heard about on the BBC (I prefer to get my news there rather than from the gossip gangs passing for newscasters in the U.S.). They described the shooters – based on a woman eye-witness in the building where the attacks were occurring – as three tall white men in black military fatigues with rifles (ER: see two eyewitness videos here). Yet they somehow morphed into a diminutive South Asian couple (conveniently dead), which took some serious magic.

There were doubtless real tragedies in any or all of these and other incidents. But the devil is in the details, as the saying goes, and way too many of the details in way too many assassinations and mass shootings simply do not add up and are contrary to reason.

Do I hear the phrase “false flag” anywhere?


*Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky (PhD, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran. He served two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and is a graduate of the US Army War College. He can be contacted at


ER: The full-length version of the video (around 17 minutes) and the manifesto of Tarrant can be found at the Charles Carroll Society website. Scroll down through this article to obtain links to both.



By Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (abd)

Former U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counterterrorism Contractor


There may be more to the New Zealand shooting event which just occurred than meets the eye.  In fact, there is a very real possibility that it may have been the “Pearl Harbor” attack in a long campaign against President Trump, designed ultimately to neutralize the conservative republican base, weaken President Trump, and take-over America in a blitzkrieg of political turmoil.  Here’s how, theoretically, the plan seems to be unfolding.


Now let me first start out by saying that after thoroughly examining the 17 minute video of the shooter frame-by-frame, and after applying deductive reasoning in the forensic analysis, I am convinced this was a false-flag event for the following reasons:

  • No bullet holes or shattered wood or glass or clouds of sheet rock or exploding plaster or cement can be observed or heard as the guns are firing into them and the victims. This is possible only when no solid projectile is fired from the muzzle, which means no solid bullets were fired into the walls, doors, windows, or victims bodies—only the concussion of air—which means either blanks or paint or gas or other non-solid projectiles were fired from the guns.  This means, essentially, nothing solid impacted the victims bodies, therefore no physical damage resulted, which means no living person was lethally wounded or killed by an outside force. It’s simple physics, which Newton’s law establishes in the theorem: a body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Applied to this situation, we might similarly establish that a living body remains living unless impacted by an outside force that lethally disrupts the body’s life processes, such as a bullet destroying arteries and vital organs.
  • No blood splatter from the close-range impact of the high-caliber bullets upon the victims can be observed anywhere on the walls, doors, floors or furniture. Several of the victims are shot at point-blank range as they are crawling or passing by the shooter, yet no visual impact of the bullets can be observed, which would have undoubtedly “kicked” or “thrown” the victim with tremendous force. Only one victim lying on the ground appears to have a red spray appear next to his head as he is allegedly shot, but this could be explained as a “paint round”, since no physical impact of the bullet or explosion upon the head is observed.

Additionally, no pools of blood can be seen either around the bodies on the floor after being shot, except from one body which strangely appears lying next to the first victim in the doorway, which was not present when the shooter initially entered.  So this suggests the body or actor was placed in that position, with blood added afterwards.

  • The victims’ physical reactions to being shot, especially at close-range, are not at all typical human reactions, as military and law enforcement experience and data confirm. Typically, the moment a person—especially a civilian—is shot, they instantly fall into a state of hysterical physical and emotional shock, delirium, panic, and desperation. Their bodies are flooded with adrenaline, triggering them to violently sprint, run, or crawl away from the source of the muzzle blast and deafening concussion.  They do not simply fold up and fall to the ground like a sack of sand, and lie motionless. It is pure subconscious, animalistic instinctual self-preservation.  Their body and instincts explode with movement in the first three (3) seconds, and their minds have no ability to stop it.  There are also no screams of horror, rage, fear, or agony filling the air, only seemingly muffled moans.
  • Upon leaving the Mosque, the shooter allegedly fires at a woman about 25 feet away at a corner of the yard, and upon walking outside, finds crying, “Help me, help me”, and lying on her side on the street, her face looking away, and holding her right wrist with her left hand. The shooter aims and fires at her at about 5-7 feet away, blowing a wad of her hair off of her scalp and seemingly causing a red substance to exit her wristwhich may have been a controlled device activated by the woman’s left hand which was holding her right.
  • The presence of music playing in the background during the shooting event is also quite significant. At the beginning of the event, as the shooter is walking around the property, a pipe and drums band is playing an American patriotic tune, suggesting some kind of mission equivalent of a “American Founding Father type revolution.” Then as the shooter re-enters his car to escape; a voice giving a religious sermon begins screaming a bombastic “fire-and-brimstone” punishment type intro to a song that plays as the shooter drives away, running over the woman allegedly shot on the ground.
  • Finally, as the shooter is driving down the street, several times he presses his shotgun muzzle against the windshield of his car and fires, but the windshield is not damaged or broken or penetrated by any bullet. Instead a smoky cloud bursts against the window and temporarily fills the cab of the car.
  • He then fires out of the side passenger window at a man, and seemingly shatters the passenger door window. This may have been caused by the muzzle of the shotgun hitting the window of course, and not the result of a projectile being fired through it.

The shooter then drives off with music playing in the background, either from his car radio or bluetooth headset, that resembles some kind of hokey Pulp Fiction type soundtrack, as he comments on the shooting thrills and challenges to his Youtube type audience.  The video then stops.

This has been excerpted from the Veterans Today article titled Undeniable Proof: CGI Used in New Zealand Shooting (continuing updates), which opens with the following video excerpt showing how the bullet casings magically disappear before falling to the ground:





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