Project Fear: Brexit Under Threat

Project Fear: Brexit Under Threat


The people can only be controlled if they are scared…

The only way to effectively control a population without resorting to violence is to keep them subdued through fear, and this is exactly what is happening to the people of the U.K. as they try to get their democratic rights enacted.

On June 23, 2016, the British people took part in the largest ever democratic exercise in the nation’s history: They voted to leave the confines of the European Union and all of its institutions. The people voted, and the politicians acted. Unfortunately, the Westminster parliamentarians acted in none but their own interest.

More than two years later and Britain is still shackled to a supranational organization that is all too happy to punish the country as an example to others who dare to try to leave.

Project Fear

The entirety of the U.K. establishment has taken it upon themselves to carry out the greatest propaganda exercise the land of Shakespeare has ever witnessed.

Welcome to Project Fear. The poor folk of Britain who chose to turn their backs on the foreign overlords of the European Council and Presidency, which cannot be unelected, cannot be voted for, and who have the sole power to make law within the European Union. These are the same institutions, along with the current U.K. government, which are now in the process of trying scare Brits out of their minds.

Here are some of the Project Fear predictions the government has made:

  • No clean drinking water.
  • Food shortages.
  • No insulin for diabetics.
  • Shortages of medicine.
  • No more sandwiches (yes, really).
  • Risk of “super-gonorrhea” epidemic.
  • Immediate recession.
  • Every family thousands of pounds poorer.
  • No planes allowed through other nations’ aerospace.
  • The south of England becomes a carpark for trucks that were previously engaged in barrier-free trade between nations.

All these trials and tribulations are being presented by the government and the establishment media as undisputable future events in order to terrify the poor slobs of Britain.

The Plan

The idea behind Project Fear is to get the nation so scared that when the government eventually decides to call for a second referendum on the Brexit decision – which they will – the sheep will vote in the “correct” way.

How do we know this is what is happening? Well, it has happened before, in every country that ever voted to leave the E.U. or reject a new treaty that pushed for greater integration into the European whole. In France and Ireland, the government and media launched concerted attacks against the voters, and then, quelle surprise, asked the public to vote again … just to be sure they had actually voted for what they really wanted.

To ensure a second public vote on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May has capitulated to every demand made by the European Presidency. Why? Because the people will see that May’s “deal” is actually worse than being tethered to the sclerotic union, and this has surely been done on purpose.

Britain On The Ropes

It is not as though the British public are unaware that this is what is happening. Project Fear is on the lips of all, whether down the local pub, at the supermarket, or online, everyone is talking about the British government’s plans to lock the U.K. permanently into a European customs union and single market.

Has the government gone too far? There is still time to resolve the Brexit issue without dividing the nation even further. There are groups who are willing to use violence to achieve their ends, and there are those who would prefer anarchy to order. Before either of these two forces gain traction, the prime minister must act decisively and for the good of the nation.


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