New Zealand Whistleblower Reveals Clusters of Death at Vax Sites

ER Editor: The first article is by Australian Meryl Dorey, with follow-up by Peter Halligan, who supplies us with a few more links and data.

Dorey’s article is introduced by Peter Halligan via e-mail thus:

This whistle blower information should have been released the instant it was made available. Neither of the two mainstream political parties has any interest in deviating from the doctrine of the Cult of Moloch – as enforced by the WHO. This is not about politics, this is about pre-meditated murder by individual, corrupt and evil players in politics, universities, the MSM and regulators. I will post the excess mortality chart from OWD on a separate thread.

Thanks to colleague Michel van der Kemp for alerting us to the tweet below, which contains the video of Liz Gunn‘s appeal. Liz Gunn has been both lawyer, journalist and TV presenter. She is currently leader of the New Zealand Loyal Party, and is now calling for a full criminal investigation into everything surrounding the vaccines.

A reminder that New Zealand just had a general election earlier this month, unseating Jacinda Ardern’s former party in favour of Christopher Luxon leading the National Party. This is relevant to the timing of the decision to publish whistleblower information on disturbing rates of death following Covid vaccination in New Zealand —

30 people dying after being jabbed in just one clinic within a narrow timeframe is obviously headline-grabbing, but Gunn’s 8-minute statement reveals that evidence exists strongly suggesting that ‘tens of thousands’ of other deaths can be linked to the vaccines, too, as well as the existence of other such ‘clusters of death’. 


The Mother of All Revelations (MOAR) out of NZ-30 people jabbed in 1 clinic in 1 day-all dead within a short space of time

And tens of thousands of Kiwis dead following COVID jabs-Listen to this recording from Liz Gunn of the NZ Loyal party

A whistleblower has come forward and given Liz Gunn of the NZ Loyal Party (NZL) documentation showing that tens of thousands of New Zealanders have died within a short time of vaccination.

Remember, NZ has just over 5 million people so tens of thousands of deaths are significant in anyone’s book.

In this video, she describes one clinic where 30 people received the COVID jab and all 30 of them died soon after.

Ms Gunn is demanding a criminal investigation – not an inquiry – and I think that’s what we need here in Australia too.

Would our stats be any different than those in NZ? I doubt it very much. And a Royal Commission or Albo’s Clayton’s inquiry will do nothing to stop the carnage taking place all around us.

I clearly remember when the VaxXed Bus was in Lightning Ridge last year – a town of about 3,000 people (ER: within New South Wales, near the Queensland border). We spoke with 25 locals and every single person we spoke with could name at least 3 people they personally know who died after a COVID jab and 6-10 who were injured.

These jabs – actually ALL jabs – need to be stopped today! Until they are proven to be safe, effective and necessary, we should not be forcing, mandating or even using any medical products which are essentially untested.

I applaud Liz Gunn and pray she will be successful in her appeals to Winston Peters.

We need Senators Malcolm Roberts, Alex Antic, Gerard Rennick, Ralph Babbet and Matt Canavan to join together as one and make the same demands here in Australia.



Chart of pre-meditated murder by the government of New Zealand where a whistle-blower has revealed that 30 people injected in a single clinic on the same day, all died in close temporal proximity

From here:

Excess mortality: Deaths from all causes compared to average over previous years (

Selected dates

Referring to this article (ER: posted above):

The Mother of All Revelations (MOAR) out of NZ-30 people jabbed in 1 clinic in 1 day-all dead within a short space of time (

Here’s a few more related articles from a year ago and 9 months ago.

(100) New Zealand’s adoption of WHO and big Pharma wishes results in catastrophic outcomes for mortality, fertility and disability – the Cult of Moloch has successfully caused brain fog (

“Deaths up 14%, Natural Birth Increase Down 28%, Disability is up 37.5%. New Zealand official birth and death figures for 12 months to the end of June 2023 released.”

(100) Fast take on Ardern’s legacy to New Zealand – a cull of the over 60’s – two thirds of those male – NOT saving grandma and killing grandpa? (

“The number of annualized deaths in 2022 (annualizing the data to September 2022) is a whopping 20% higher than the annual average number of deaths over the 2015 to 2019, pre-pandemic period.

2021 was just 6.5% and 2020 was lower than the prior 5 year 2015-2019 calendar year average.

Using data from here, there were 30 C19 deaths in New Zealand in 2020,  29 in calendar year 2021 there were 2,900 to 30 September 2022 and 3,500 for the full 2022 calendar year.

“So, having said, here is a summary table of how 4 high levels age cohorts fared during the whole period of the pandemic by gender. For New Zealand’s population of 5 million

(Multiply these numbers by around 68 to get to US equivalents )

Data source: Births and deaths: Year ended September 2022 | Stats NZ

Excess NZ deaths:

Data up to 2022 – so a year old – NZ population 5 million so multiply by around 70 to get to US equivalents.

Notice that this is a cull of the elderly, suggesting that the use of end of life pathway protocols such as Remdesivir, or Midazolam plus morphine, or bacteria infested ventilators were used along with the denial of sustenance and forced restraint, with no witnesses or loved ones allowed.





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