Mankind at Crossroads: the World Toward the NWO or Toward the Liberation and Restoration of the Christian Faith?

ER Editor: It is linked to below, but we recommend this interesting article titled Confessions of a Former Freemason Officer, Converted to Catholicism.
Yesterday, we published this Zerohedge piece on Putin finally obtaining the constitutional changes as well as the security of his own position until well into the 2030’s. (See Putin Signs Law Allowing Possibility He Could Remain in Office Until 2036.) The piece below by Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti adds some much-needed perspective to this article. 

Mankind at crossroads: the world toward the New World Order or toward the liberation and restoration of the Christian faith?


The question that many people are asking themselves in these weeks is: how did we get to this point?

In other words, how was it possible for mankind to reduce itself to a crowd of inhuman zombies who have no other thought than to place a useless and harmful face mask on their faces? (ER: and then rush to take an experimental gene therapy they believe will rid them of a low-grade virus?)

It didn’t happen in one day, and it wasn’t even the exclusive result of the massive terrorist operation which the media, owned by the international finance and big corporations, has been running from a year ago.

To get to this point, a long, slow, necessary, and inexorable process of demoralization necessarily took place that has led mankind to the lowest condition in its history.

By demoralization, a complete lack of values is meant to give birth to a condition where evil is on the same level ground as good is.

It can be said that never has a historical period existed like this where people are so stupid and devoid of thought as they are now.

The Covid terrorist operation was successful because the masses have lost any sense of moral value.

This crisis has been accurately prepared and planned; as was the real goal that is behind it.

The Covid crisis fits all the characteristics of the catalyzing event that the most influential globalist circles have been seeking for decades.

The final goal is none other than the absolute rule of the world through the creation of a totalitarianism much more oppressive and fierce than the ones of the past century.

If one thinks that history is just the result of mere causality and that the powers that rule this world have no strategy in their actions, then he would likely not understand what is going on now.

If one chooses this vision, he resigns and constrains himself to a world of labels through which the system isolates those who are still gifted of free thought.

The system likes to label “conspiracy theorists” or “flat earthers” all those who understand pretty well that there is no such thing as a “health emergency”. The only way the globalist system can survive is to ban the minds who are still able to think independently from what the media propagandizes.

The media, as clearly explained by the sociologist Marshall McLuhan, no longer performs the function to inform the masses.

Instead, the media is the tool that the Power utilizes to program the masses. In other words, the media is no other than a war (mental) machine that has the purpose to tell people what they are supposed to think or not.

Since the beginning of humanity’s existence, we have (for good or bad) been programmed in every single aspect of our daily lives.

Societal institutions have, from a long time ago, lost their primary function to educate and prepare the masses for life. Instead, their goal now is not to nurture people’s critical thinking, but to suppress in every way those who are still able to question the dominant narrative, having understood its huge fallacy.

In order to continue to exist, the globalist ideology needs to create people who don’t think and who only repeat what the agents of the system tell them to say. The agents of the system can be propagandist teachers or the journalists who are only mouth speakers of the international finance and big corporations, both which are the real owners of the press.

At this point, the most natural question would be to ask about the final purpose of this new totalitarianism.

What kind of society does this system want?

The final goal was revealed by the system itself on several occasions, and it is to bring about a one-world government, ruled by a tiny élite belonging to the most exclusive circles of globalism, such as the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Club, and the Council of Foreign Relations, just to mention a few.

These circles would form the power structure that would rule the world. For decades, they have been working unstoppably to reach this goal, which is the complete removal of nations and their historical and religious values from the face of the Earth.

In this globalist ideal, from the ashes of nations should arise a universal Leviathan dominated by a global tyrant who will persecute all those who will dare to oppose and resist him.

The élites themselves revealed their plans decades ago, but the masses have never seriously considered their intentions.

In 1950, the powerful banker James Warburg (tied to the Rothschilds, the most important family at the top of the globalist power scheme), stated before the US Senate that one day a world government would become a reality.

For Warburg, it wasn’t a matter of if but only how this goal would be achieved, through the general consensus of the masses brought about through force.

Considering the present situation, one would pick the former option. Right now, people of the world (except in rare cases) are not opposing this world dictatorship plan. On the contrary, they are quietly accepting it and, in the worst case, they are enthusiastically clapping to their own and their neighbor’s demise. They are also ready to curse those still gifted of humanity and intelligence and those who don’t want to accept to be destroyed because the regime has ordered them to.

Demoralization paved the way to the global totalitarianism

This situation was not the result of causality, as was mentioned before. To drag mankind to this state of moral darkening, it was necessary to enforce a demoralization program during these past decades, as it was prophetically explained by the former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov in 1984.

If a person is devoid of any moral value, he will not be able to separate good from evil and he will be ready to accept anything.

Simply put, if a man ignores good, he will not even present himself with the conundrum to commit evil; because in his eyes, there exists no substantial difference between the former and the latter.

This is the explanation of what is happening in these days. People refuse to either want or to see the truth because they don’t even consider the possibility that there can be evil and lies in the message of the system.

They accept it without any moral scruples, and once they receive the order, even the most inhuman and foolish one will execute it without question.

Freethinking is banned in the world government. But above all, to reach actual demoralization, it will be necessary to eradicate from society its institutions that define the morality of a people, which is religion. In the Western part of the world (especially Italy), it is certainly the Christian religion. De-Christianization is causing the extinction of the Western civilization.

Freemasonry has espoused this goal, and for more than a century, it has systematically planned the infiltration of the Catholic Church. Archbishop Viganò explained that, in this regard Vatican II has had a fundamental role in the acceleration of these plans to usher in the New World Order.

Since the Church opened itself to the world and rejected its secular tradition, the moral decline of Italy, Europe and the world was virtually unstoppable.

The mission of the Church was to resist secularization and laicism, not to become its spokesperson.

Therefore, the current anti-Catholic Church of Bergoglio is nothing other than the natural consequence of this infiltration process.

Society is sick because the Church is sick. The health of the latter affects the former, and the stronger and more resistant the Church is, the weaker and less influential is the power of Freemasonry. Therefore, there is an inversely proportional relation between the Church and Freemasonry.

However, it is indubitable that this world government has a political and particular spiritual nature.

The ideological roots of Freemasonry are the mystery religions, which are founded upon the cult of Lucifer.

The Freemasons who have left this organization have revealed and testified to the world the truth about the religion of Freemasonry, which is shared only with the highest ranks of the lodges, especially the 33rd degree. (ER: it is rumoured that 33rd degree is the highest rank only to the public view.) 

Even those who haven’t left Freemasonry and those who had been the most influential masons in history explained the real nature of this sect in their writings.

Albert Pike (33rd degree Grand Master of the US Southern jurisdiction lodge) communicated in his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini (an important Italian Freemason), that the final purpose of Freemasonry was to drag mankind towards a global tyranny founded upon the satanic religion.

Therefore, the destruction of Christianity and the Church is simply vital for Freemasonry to get to its goal.

The world government cannot arise if the hierarchy of anti-Christian values does not replace the Christian values.

If one denies the spiritual root of history and the one of the actual historic period, he fails to understand what is really happening now. He would also be restrained to the materialist vision of history, which cannot explain this age because it denies the supernatural vision.

Let us go back to the crisis at hand. The Covid crisis is surely an instrument to inflate the profits of the big pharmaceutical cartels, but this is not the main goal.

And the most practical example comes from the Covid vaccine rollout itself. Scientist and former Pfizer Vice-President Michael Yeadon clearly pointed out that profit is not the program goal of vaccine distribution.

The pharmaceutical cartel could make more money by increasing the costs of production of each dose.  Therefore, the true goal, as Dr. Yeadon said, is a massive depopulation operation.

The Covid mRNA vaccine rollout is already causing some serious adverse reactions on the population and it will also lead to an inevitable reduction of the fertility rates.

The élites want to reduce the world population because their idea is strictly neo-Malthusian. The neo-Malthusian ideology was mainly spread in the early 70s behind the hypocritical façade of environmental protection. Environmentalism had another purpose, which is to convey the idea that in order to protect nature, man’s population must be reduced on Earth.

In other words, this ideology wants to kill mankind and it is certainly not by chance that the globalist circles promoted this idea so much.

The Covid terrorist operation was conceived to get to this goal and after that, those who survive will have no other option than to accept the new totalitarian society – a society where there will be no more jobs, replaced by the universal basic income that will be given out only to those who will receive vaccines and accept the Mark of the Beast.

The recent pandemic treaty signed by 23 world leaders goes exactly in this direction by progressively eroding the residual power of sovereign national governments, to be replaced by the future global superstate.

The world towards global government or the liberation of mankind?

And it is not a hazard to say that never in the history of the world has this idea been so close to becoming a reality.

However, if one takes into consideration the Christian perspective to analyze events, he must try to better understand this vision.

The social sciences of economy, sociology, and geopolitics certainly are useful for understanding this present reality, but each one of these fails to fully comprehend the ideology and the nature of global totalitarianism.

If one has recourse to Christian ideology, then everything that is nonsensical suddenly seems to make sense. The real purpose of this plan is to destroy God’s creation, mankind, and to have us suffer the worst possible scenarios.

The world is now in a state of great chaos and turmoil, and as some believe apparently very close to the End Times. It is necessary to wonder if mankind is at a point in history where the global tyrant should manifest himself to the world.

To this, there are several spiritual and geopolitical reasons to believe that this is not the case and that the world is not still close to the precipice.

The reasons that belong to the spiritual realm suggest that the world in this moment is in the fifth of the Seven Ages of the Church. This classification of religious history was made for the first time by the German Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, who also wrote some excellent commentaries about the Apocalypse.

Holzhauser divided the history of the world into seven great ages, the first age being the birth of Christ, with the seventh age – the end – commencing with the coming of the Antichrist.

According to several interpretations of this prophecy, amongst them, Bishop Williamson’s, the world now should be in the fifth age. This age is one of great moral dissolution and spiritual decay in which people give in to apostasies and are very far away from the faith.

Moreover, chaos rules and major turmoil will affect nations in several parts of the world.

Holzhauser’s Fifth Age shares some significant resemblance with the present epoch, where mankind appears to be touching its lowest point in history. People now only listen to the false word of the scientist shamans.

However, this period should end soon and the general apostasy should come to an end.

Once this amoral period expires, the Church should come to its greatness guided by a leader known in the prophecies as the “Holy Pope”.

Several scholars think that this figure is none other than Archbishop Viganò, who in this moment is certainly the spiritual leader in the battle against the false Church that has turned into an agent of Freemasonry and one-world religion.

However, other material elements suggest also that the time of the world government has not yet arrived, because not all the major world powers are in the hands of the New World Order.

To further explore this, let us go now to Count Kalergi, Freemason and ideological father of the European Union. Kalergi was an Austrian Freemason and an important intellectual financed by the Rothschilds and the Warburgs. In the 1920’s, he proposed that for the world government to be successful, it would need the participation of the US, of a United Europe (the United States of Europe), of Great Britain, and the then USSR.

Coudenhove-Kalergi's plan for five superstates: Pan-Europe, Pan-America, East Asia, the British Empire, and the Russian Empire.

The division of the world, according to Kalergi

Only the participation of these major geopolitical blocs (along with other geopolitical blocs) would allow for the birth of a one-world government. Freemason Winston Churchill also arrived at the same conclusions in 1950.

In this historic moment, the big globalist power has certainly the absolute control of the EU, where the the anti-Christian infection is quite deep, of Great Britain and Communist China, but they still do not have the control of Russia and the US.

The US seems to be suspended in a sort of limbo. The Biden-Harris administration appears to be a puppet administration that might not last for long. There is a hypothesis that after January 20, Trump temporarily stepped aside to deliver power to the armed forces. This move could have been done to buy some more time to overturn the 2020 electoral fraud and return to power, but way before 2024.

The latest statements of Mike Lindell and the news from Arizona, where a forensic audit on the ballots will be performed, seem to suggest that this eventuality is becoming more likely.

It is worth noting that recently, the Biden-Harris administration failed to sign the pandemic treaty, which is the foundation of the world government.

In any case, there will be no world government without the participation of the US. This is the reason why globalism has been seeking to reconquer the control of America.

They are perfectly aware that without the US superpower, there is no way to get to this goal.

On the other side of the planet, there is Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin. Before the arrival of Trump, Putin’s Russia was a real dam against the advancement of the totalitarian project.

In his recent Davos Forum speech, Putin proclaimed that the time of the global unilateral vision was coming to an end and that the world will not go towards the Great Reset.

With this in mind, globalism is desperately trying to accelerate towards this final goal, but it has failed to take with it the two world superpowers, which should be the architrave of the world dictatorship.

The window of opportunity is rapidly closing and the weak EU cannot certainly lead the world towards the world superstate.

Bill Gates recently spoke in an interview and said that more time is needed to get to the Great Reset.

The end of the fake pandemic was postponed to 2022, and if one looks at the schedule published by several government whistleblowers last year, it appears that things are not going exactly as planned.

The élites planned to take over America in 2021, but in Washington, there is a puppet administration.

Therefore, in this scenario, it seems possible to see some fortuitous developments that may suggest that in this present age, the Rothschilds’ plans will not be successful. In any case, it is important to remember that it will not be easy at all.

The world is deemed to face major turmoils even if the globalist plans fail.

Only those who endure to the end will make it. Above all, only those who can catch the spiritual side of this battle will arrive to the finish line.

The Easter of Resurrection has just passed, and this could be also the omen for a Resurrection of Christ’s forces on Earth who are resisting this evil.

In any case, evil will not win. Non praevalebunt.




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