Game Over. We Won.


One of my surveys had a strong signal. So I had a third party polling firm run it against a neutral audience. The results are devastating. It shows we were lied to. Big time. No other way to spin it.

I now have a survey question that, when tested against a neutral audience, gives a very strong signal. Turns out that most people think that the COVID vaccines have killed more people in just 1.5 years than all 70+ vaccines combined over the past 32 years. The more unvaccinated you are, the more likely you are to notice this. If you’ve had four doses, it was nearly tied.

Here is the pivot table of the Pollfish results so you can see the votes vs. vaccine status:

Here is the underlying data so you can verify the result. And here’s the summary PDF they provided.

What this means is we’ve won. There is no way to defend this.

Unless I missed something, they are totally screwed. There is simply no way to “spin this” in your favor. This survey is simple to replicate and it completely destroys the “safe and effective” narrative because there is no way to “spin” the results in your favor. It’s devastating.

The CDC would argue, “You are asking the public to make a non-professional judgment on causality. We at the CDC have determined no causal link. All these deaths are simply coincidences!”

The fact checkers will then agree with them!

OK, fine.

Simply explain why there are more 1.7X as many “coincidences” happening with the COVID vaccines than all 70+ vaccines over the past 32 years? Make my day. Back it up with actual data proving your point, not a hand-waving argument.

Or, show me your survey. And explain why, in the 18 months the vaccine has been on the market, you never reached out to find the incidence rate of adverse events and deaths in a pro-active survey rather than sitting back with a passive surveillance system. And explain to us why you never revealed to anyone the Medicare mortality data? What was the reason for keeping that a secret? Explain that one for us.

Sadly, the press will simply accept any hand-waving argument from the CDC no matter how idiotic it is. That’s how they will defend it. They will never ask the questions in my previous paragraph.

So it’s not over yet, but we are getting close.

Confirmation of the poll in the VAERS system

This isn’t a fluke.

The VAERS system essentially is throwing the same safety signal with a ratio that is pretty close to what our survey found.

It turns out that 69% of all deaths in VAERS (limiting ourselves to US-only deaths) are from the COVID vaccines.

So this means that the COVID vaccines have killed 2.3X as many people as all the 70+ other vaccines over the past 32 years.

How do you explain that? It can’t be over-reporting of background deaths because the adverse event profile of the COVID deaths doesn’t match “natural causes.” So these stupid hand-waving arguments don’t fly.

Here are the queries I used and the results.

Deaths from the COVID vaccines only, limited to US States. There are more than 2.3X as many deaths from the COVID vaccines than for all the other vaccines put together since the start of the VAERS system 32 years ago. That’s an impressive kill rate.

Deaths from ALL vaccines over 32 years in US States only

Other troubling surveys for the mainstream narrative

The survey above is just the beginning.

Neutral audience validation of the following polls coming shortly as well.


The vaccines are harming more people than COVID is. Hospital treatment protocols are #2. Why can’t we let doctors be doctors?

The COVID vaccine is the biggest source of injuries, followed by hospital COVID protocols, followed by the virus itself in last place. The government dictated “cures” are far more likely to injure you than the virus itself.


The big killer: the vaccine. Hospital treatment protocols are #2. Why can’t we let doctors be doctors?

The COVID vaccine is the biggest killer, followed by hospital COVID protocols, followed by the virus itself in last place. The government dictated “cures” are far more likely to kill you than the virus itself.

Myocarditis rates

Doctors say that myocarditis from COVID is greater than from the vaccine. Funny thing though…. I couldn’t find any cardiologists who have seen more myocarditis rates before the vaccines rolled out. Looks like I’m not alone.

“The Elephant in the Room” presentation has more examples

Want more evidence that you’ve been misled? Check out my Elephant in the Room slide deck and you’ll very quickly discover why nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room: that the CDC, medical community, Congress, state and local health officials, mainstream media, and mainstream social media companies are responsible for killing over 500,000 Americans by enticing them to take a vaccine that was far more likely to kill them than save them.

None of the interventions was needed. We had an effective early treatment protocol in March of 2020, but the NIH and CDC ignored it and still do to this day. There are no deaths or long-haul COVID if people are given that protocol. Over 10,000 people were treated without a death or hospitalization if the patient starts treatment promptly after first symptoms. The reason it is ignored is simple: Tony Fauci says that such protocols don’t work, even though they do. It’s not like they looked at the protocol and rejected it. It’s like they never even looked at the protocol.

You’ll also understand why nobody wants to debate me.


This survey is devastating because it is confirmed with a neutral audience. The survey and several more will now be repeated by an internationally famous polling firm.

So you now know who is going to win the game: the truth.

And it’s now just a matter of time. It will be fun to see people try to attack me in the meantime.

My advice to them is simple: if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Next step: wait for the new famous pollster to release this poll, plus several others. They are highly respected.




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