France’s demographic growth will continue “mainly via immigration”

ER Editor:  Just a note that France’s Institut Montaigne is globalist through and through. Shoving as many undocumented migrants into France is what they likely dream of.

A word on population numbers. We believe they are lying about this. Take for instance the REAL population numbers of the UK. For years, they have been estimating the population in countries like the UK and France to be in the 60-something millions. Yet with all the immigration over the years, how can this be? Here’s a hugely interesting piece we bumped into a while back. Estimates of how much food and drink are consumed in a country can be a useful estimate as to real population figures because everybody needs a minimum amount each day. An approximate figure of 80 million was estimated back in 2007-8! So what is the figure likely to be now?

The Truth About Britain’s Migrant Numbers – Is The Population Closer to 80 Million?


What the France Soir report indicates below, taken from an Institute Montaigne report, is that France suffers from taking in low-skilled immigrants who don’t fit easily into the labor market. This has to be an economic drain on society.

A reminder that when immigrants are drawn from the ‘African continent’, this includes the north African countries of Muslim culture, in addition to black African.


France’s demographic growth will continue “mainly via immigration”, which now represents 10% of the population


DEMOGRAPHY – Immigration will constitute “the bulk of the growth of the French population” in the coming years , according to a note from the Institut Montaigne published Monday August 28, 2023. 10% of the country’s inhabitants are now from immigration, or nearly 7 million people. An “unprecedented proportion” and the growth of the population will “continue mainly via immigration”.

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If the demographic situation of the country is not worrying in the opinion of the author of this note, Bruno Tertrais, expert associated with the Institut Montaigne, France is not only experiencing an upward aging of the population, but also a stagnation of its birth rate. (ER: And no doubt the Covid shots helped with the birth rate problem.)

According to figures from Insee (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) to which this French laboratory of ideas refers, the population amounted to 68 million inhabitants on January 1, 2023. It is, of course, a growth of 0.3% in 2022 compared to 2021 but a demographic slowdown compared to previous years (0.5% in 2018, 0.3 in 2020).

Since the mid-2000s, France, the most fertile country in Europe, has recorded more deaths (667,000 in 2022) and fewer births (723,000). The fertility rate was 1.8 children per woman last year, below 2, the “renewal threshold”  below which the population is declining.

The trend should continue according to INSEE forecasts since the national population should reach the peak of approximately 69 million inhabitants in 2040, before experiencing a decline until 2070 with 68.1 million inhabitants.

10% of the French population is an immigrant

In addition to a birth rate “at half mast,”  the French are faced with an aging that continues an upward curve. 21.3% of the population is aged over 65 compared to 17.1% in 2012. If this aging “results in particular from the lengthening of the lifespan”, we read, the low rate of birth among the French is mainly explained by the high age of first birth and the number of children per woman rather than by the low number of women of childbearing age.

Immigration should then fill this “announced demographic deficit” . “The migratory contribution is expected to be structurally the majority in the country’s demographic growth”, explains Bruno Tertrais. (ER: Just as the globalists have always wanted.)

According to the same note, “foreign immigrants” , that is to say foreign people born abroad and living in France without having been naturalized French, are 4.5 million and represent 64% of the total number of immigrants.

The number of those who became French by acquisition amounts to 2.5 million and represents 35% of immigration. The total proportion of (non-naturalised) foreigners on French soil has increased from 1% in 1851 to 7.7% in 2021, i.e. 5.3 million people, including the 4.5 million foreign-born immigrants plus nearly 0.8 million people born in France. “There have never been so many foreigners in France since the Second Empire,” says the think-tank.

The proportion of 35% of French people by acquisition is experiencing annual growth of several tens of thousands. These are immigrants mainly of African origin who become French by naturalization or by declaration (marriages). “The symbolic threshold of 10% of immigrants among the French population has therefore now been exceeded, whereas this proportion was 3.7% a century ago, 5% at the end of the war, 7.4% in 1975 and 8 .6% in 2011” , summarizes Mr. Tertrais.

French people “more and more from immigration”

In 2022, this immigration contributed three-quarters to the growth of the French population. The Institut Montaigne report and its author explain this “unprecedented proportion” by the contribution of immigrant women, whose fertility represents almost a fifth of births, at a time when the number of births to French parents or born in France is falling.

Immigrants and their immediate descendants then represent more than a fifth of the French population today. But “if immigration becomes the majority component, that does not mean that immigrants will be more numerous than natives; but these immigrants and their immediate descendants now represent a fifth of the population”, specifies Bruno Tertrais .

The French population thus becomes “increasingly originating from recent immigration” and half of it comes from the African continent. “Since the 2000s, Europeans have no longer been the majority in the population of recent immigrants,”  we learn. The phenomenon is not exclusive to France since the growth of the population “of most other European states will now continue essentially via immigration”.

The think-tank ‘s report also looks at the economic impact of immigration on national wealth, public accounts, employment and wages. A “marginal” impact in all these areas. “After the transitory effect, the long-term impact of migration on per capita wealth, and its evolution, is neutral”. The same goes for the public accounts because immigration, “a resource and a burden for public finances,”  has a “generally low tax impact”.

The impact of immigration is “very low” on the labor market, but Bruno Tertrais specifies that immigrant populations fit in less well. France stands out for its rather less qualified immigration, on average, than that of other industrialized countries. This contributes to raising the unemployment rate of immigrants,” he explains.

Compared to people without “direct immigrant ancestry”, the employment rate among immigrants is up to 10 points lower. The report specifies that other parameters must be taken into account, such as the non-equivalence of diplomas or discrimination in hiring.

ER: And no mention of the Covid vaccine effects of sterility, miscarriages and declining birth rates! Filed under ‘How They Do It’




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