France: Stunned into Submission, the Disturbing Side Effects of COVID

ER Editor: Living in France, we can only endorse Michel Geoffroy’s interpretation of events here. So many have bought into the virus scare, now being too frightened to go back to normal despite the warm sunny weather, which gives any virus a zero chance of survival. Such belief, such investment in the government narrative has seen, night after night at 8pm, people clapping the medical profession, despite the fact that it’s their job, despite the fact that hospitals in only two regions of France were very busy for a certain period earlier on.

Social media does show a number of French people to be highly awake on these matters, but an overwhelming number have simply gone along with what they’re told. Mainstream TV news media has become impossible to watch.

It needs to be said that the French look to their government to protect them no matter what the situation, irrespective of who’s in power.

For further perspective on France in these times, we highly recommend Thierry Meyssan’s recent piece titled The Transformation of Societies on the Occasion of Covid-19 Heralds the Militarisation of Europe.


Stunned into Submission, the Side Effects of COVID


Author of ‘The Global Superclass Against the People’

The most unbearable part of the epidemic episode we have just experienced is not the lies of the government. The lies no longer surprise us since Macronia (ER: nickname for Macron’s regime) itself, born of a media and judicial coup d’état in 2017, rests entirely on deception and the violence that always goes with it.

The unbearable is not due either to the media continuously spewing catastrophic propaganda for almost three months. We have known for a long time that the mainstream media do not inform us but manipulate us.

No, what is most unbearable is the submissive behaviour of our fellow citizens who, during this period, have accepted everything and given up everything. Because they were scared to death.

Let us be sure that the oligarchy, which is actively preparing the next world, will have learned its lesson.

The National Stupor

In 1938, a radio program based on the theme of H. G. Wells’ book, The War of the Worlds [1], caused panic in the United States because many listeners believed that the Martians had really landed … because journalists said so.

The fear of the “pandemic” conveyed by the entire institutional system has taken up this logic of panic, but to the power of a thousand: that of the astonishing power of the modern audiovisual media.

Most of the time, panicked fear provokes astonishment: a weakening of rational judgment, accompanied by stupor. Fear can also provoke a positive vital reaction – the so-called energy of despair – but this has not happened in our case. Fear has produced only an abysmal submission to authority.

For the first time since the end of the great totalitarianisms of the twentieth century, the coronavirus epidemic has indeed led the government to place the entire population under house arrest, without the population rebelling. An unfortunate precedent!


In the United States, in many states, people have demonstrated against the lockdown in the name of their constitutional rights and economic survival. In Germany, people have also demonstrated against it. In Belgium, caregivers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the government. In France, there’s been nothing but a colossal collective scare.

Media astonishment succeeded in killing common sense, to the great benefit of vested power.

The French were thus deprived of protective masks when the epidemic developed: they did not protest, however, since, on the contrary, they applauded the “caretakers” who cared for them, which is their vocation all the same. In this way, they succeeded in transforming government mismanagement into a celebration of care-givers!

And now that the epidemic is receding, the mask is being imposed! But the French bow to this new constraint with equal enthusiasm. They even put masks on their children.

The good cathodic (ER: TV) souls explain that this would be civic behavior, intended to protect others. Which is beautiful hypocrisy because it is above all a question of protecting those who have the trouillometer at zero. [sic – ER: perhaps this means those who have no fear because they have created the problem. Trouille = fear]

Orwellian France

There is something truly Orwellian about the docility of the population to the contradictory injunctions of white-coat experts and ministers. Just as there is something frightening about its docility in the face of the accumulation of liberty-killing measures.

The French government has indeed imposed a new state of emergency (already prolonged!) and multiplied liberticidal measures: prohibition of demonstrations, obligation to justify one’s journey or place of residence, a reduction of guaranteed court proceedings, further reduction of the number of popular juries, the StopCovid phone app, use of surveillance drones [2], the new law of censorship of social networks (ER: the Avia law), introduction of geographical discrimination between French people. While the National Education Ministry has asked teachers, in a pedagogical fact sheet [3], to point out the “evidently unacceptable” comments made by students regarding the way the government has managed the epidemic. (ER: Further, some legislation on its way has already made it impossible for mayors and local people to prevent Big Telecom coming to your neighbourhood buildings or apartment block to install 5G.)

While punitive Ecology is making a fresh start under the pretext of encouraging the use of the velocipede. And while the European Commission is starting the process of Albania’s accession and advocating further regularisations of illegal immigrants.


The fact that political power is increasingly openly substituting social control, techno-surveillance and repression for the exercise of democracy does not seem to concern our fellow citizens. Neither do they seem to be concerned about the continuing darkening of our country’s economic horizon due to the never-ending lockdown that they are in favour of.

Our fellow citizens are already living on another planet: the cathodic planet, which is waiting in terror, after climate change, for the second – and why not the third – wave of the coronavirus. The one where we will always have to line up in front of the shops – at least those that have not closed – respecting the barrier gestures and ritually washing our hands with hydroalcoholic gel, now finally available.

In 2020, France will be cycling, wisely accepting its assigned place on the beach, and watching Michel Cymes on television. (ER: Cymes is a popular, avuncular doctor of western medicine who regularly appears on all sorts of TV shows.)

Emmanuel Macron is right. France has no shortage of masks: the French now wear one permanently in front of their eyes.

Michel Geoffroy


Sidération et soumission, effets secondaires du Covid-19

Sidération et soumission, effets secondaires du Covid-19

Par Michel Geoffroy, auteur de La Super-classe mondiale contre les peuples ♦ Le plus insupportable de l’épisode épidémique que nous venons de vivre ne tient pas aux mensonges du gouvernement. Les mensonges ne nous surprennent plus puisque la macronie elle-même, née d’un coup d’État médiatique et judiciaire en 2017, repose tout entière sur la duperie et la violence qui va toujours avec.
L’insupportable ne tient pas non plus au déversement médiatique continu de la propagande catastrophiste depuis bientôt trois mois. Nous savons depuis longtemps que les médias mainstream ne nous informent pas, mais nous manipulent.
Non, le plus insupportable tient au comportement soumis de nos concitoyens qui, durant cette période, ont tout accepté et tout abandonné. Parce qu’ils étaient morts de trouille.
Soyons sûrs que l’oligarchie, qui prépare activement le monde d’après, aura retenu la leçon.

La sidération nationale

En 1938, une émission radiophonique reprenant le thème du livre de H. G. Wells, La Guerre des Mondes[1], provoque un début de panique aux États-Unis car nombre d’auditeurs croient que les Martiens ont vraiment débarqué… parce que des journalistes l’affirment.

La peur de la « pandémie » véhiculée par tout le système institutionnel a repris cette logique de panique mais à la puissance mille : celle du pouvoir de sidération des médias audiovisuels modernes.

Original article


[1] Publié en 1898…
[2] Dont le Conseil d’État vient de souligner l’absence de base légale.
[3] Aujourd’hui rectifiée devant les protestations syndicales.

Michel Geoffroy, ENA. Essayiste, contributeur régulier à la Fondation Polémia; a publié en collaboration avec Jean-Yves Le Gallou différentes éditions du “Dictionnaire de Novlangue”.


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