Europe: soldiers and young people are fleeing the military

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Europe: soldiers and young people flee armies


The populations from immigration are not interested in the military uniform to lead the wars of the Occident, nor are the other young people of these countries. Most migrants support Russia. Calls by OTAN leaders to recruit soldiers in a crusade against Russia are shunned by recruits who have begun to flee.

The French army is facing voluntary departures and a lack of recruitment.

French Army Minister Sebastien Lecornu, unveiled his plan to end the increase in departures in the French army. «It is no longer a question of recruiting new soldiers so much as of persuading existing troops not to resign», states Politico.  «These conversations now exist in all capitals, in all democracies that have professional armies without conscription», emphasizes the English-speaking media. Western armies can no longer recruit and lack soldiers.

Even  Germany is affected. A recent annual report submitted to the German Parliament showed in 2023, some 1,537 soldiers left the Bundeswehr, reducing it to 181,514 troops. Europeans do not want to die for a war their elites want. This reflects the resistance of the populations in Europe against the WAR of the EU against Russia.

In France, according to official data, the military recruit remains in the armed forces for a year on average, less than before the outbreak of the military conflict in Ukraine. In the UK, the annual shortage of personnel is 1,100 men, equivalent to two infantry battalions. The British government signed a recruitment contract with a private company Capita, but this did not succeed.

«The problem is not in being recruited, but in the retention of soldiers, we must also preserve their families’, chief of naval operations of the US Navy, admiral Lisa Franchetti announced at a conference in Paris.  It appears that the wives of military personnel have begun asking for divorce more often.

«To train and retain the right people once they have been recruited has become the great challenge of an army without conscription, stressed the Minister at a seminar of those responsible for all military services.  In 2023, the French military finished with 3,000 unfilled posts.

The French plan provides assistance to military personnel in finding housing, access to health care and childcare services’. Married couples in which the husband and wife both work in the Defence Ministry, even if one of them is a civilian, will be able to change their position, i.e., by mutual consent.

One of the main measures of the French plan aims to increase the attractiveness of military service is to increase pensions and wages. «But the problem is that the conditions of employment are simply not so attractive, with chronic overtime, absences of several months from home and missed recovery periods», adds Politico.

The new Polish government recently announced a 20% increase in military salaries, seeking to maintain at least the current level of troops. The minimum monthly salary of the soldier will increase from 1,150 euros to 1,394 euros.

By the end of the year, the number of the Polish military is expected to increase to 220,000 people, as reported par Rzeczy Do in reference to the statement by Polish defence minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz. Thus, the overall objective is to increase the number of the Polish military to 300,000 people. But even the wage increase is not motivating the average Pole to shed his blood on the fields of Ukraine.

In Germany, the Scholz government wants to increase the number of its armed forces to 203,000 by the early 2030s, but recruitment is increasing very slowly, warns Politico. Eva Hogl, Bundestag Military Commissioner, stated that it was necessary to restore conscription to military service, and that it is better to attract more women to the military  Last year’s legislation aims to make military conditions more attractive for women, especially with regard to the increase in support for children.

In Denmark, the population is so motivated to serve in the army that the government has decided to extend compulsory military service to women and to increase its service from 4 to 11 months.

The UK has also recently admitted that it is having difficulty finding recruits. The UK Defense Journal reports that the British army has not met its recruitment targets every year since 2010. According to a recent YouGov survey, 38% of Britons under the age of 40 say that they will refuse to serve in the armed forces in the event of a new world war, and 30% say they will not serve even if their country is threatened with an imminent invasion.

«The problem is common to all European countries, including France, Italy and Spain», stated Vincenzo Bove to Euronews, professor of political science at University of Warwick in the UK. «I do not think only one country is spared by this situation». According to the expert, these difficulties in recruiting staff began ten years ago in the United Kingdom and twenty years ago in the United States.  According to Bove, the ideological distance between society as a whole and the armed forces has widened in recent years.

Bove mentioned recent polls that show that the youth of the European Union is massively opposed to wars, against the increase in military spending and against military operations abroad’. They are also more individualistic and less patriotic than ten years ago. And the population in Europe is aging and shrinking. The armies of NATO have also decreased to adapt to these changes: the British, Italian and French armies are now almost half of what they were 10 or 20 years ago.

The plans of the elites in Europe to break up Russia militarily have run into their inability to rebuild their armies.

Pierre Duval


The original source of this article is Continental observer



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2 Comments on Europe: soldiers and young people are fleeing the military

  1. Gee, I wonder if any of this has anything to do with globalists decimating sovereignty of Western-governed countries while simultaneously transporting hordes of North African and Middle Eastern fighting age males into these countries, the same generation of males raised either as child soldiers or as machete-mutilating hordes within their own tribal madness and mayhem at home.

  2. During WW2, the People in the US have been brainwashed by the propaganda military complex to pressure their kids to force them to go to war by means of shame and fake patriotism.
    So in the US, in the comments section of articles speaking about -or answering to- soldiers, you can still read these foolish words : “thank you for your service”.

    The situation regarding military is worse -or better- in Europe. In the two countries that I know, France and Germany, the people DESPISE the military. When french soldiers die in countries that did nothing to our country, they usually get insults. No thanks at all.
    Neither my brothers nor my best friend accepted the military even in the early 70′ when conscription still existed. One of my brothers made a whole french barracks in Germany so mad that they got rid of him after trying all they could imagine to make him comply. My brother would climb the buildings and they feared he would attract attention of local journalists.

    In France since our army has been forced to go under NATO power, the french People hate the military even more because WE ALL HATE NATO.
    It is one of the reasons why the predators have built multinational armed forces in Europe (and recruited drugged mercenaries from anywhere) : if they can’t submit us, THEY PLAN TO MAKE FOREIGN TROOPS SHOOT ON US at home.

    Remember :
    the Army has already refused to receive orders by Macron to shoot on the Gilets Jaunes.
    The Army has already refused to go “help” Israel recently.
    More and more high ranking officers are expressing publicly their disagreement and alarm with the projects of Macron regarding Ukraine.
    French professionnal soldiers at home would refuse to shoot on french People.
    HENCE THE GOOD IDEA TO SEND THEM TO UKRAINE… and use foreign troops on french soil against us.

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