Dramatic Explosion at Historic Paris Building – a Distraction from Macron’s Globalist Shenanigans?

ER Editor: The Paris American Academy, an American design school, suffered an apparent ‘gas explosion’ later in the day yesterday according to reports, but this causation was determined a little too hastily. The 5th arrondissement (a section of Paris) is around the Latin Quarter and Left Bank of the Seine, popular with tourists.

From the BBC:

Thirty-seven people have been injured, four of them seriously, after a large explosion in central Paris.

The blast took place in a building that housed a design school and the Catholic education system headquarters in Rue Saint-Jacques, in the fifth arrondissement of the French capital.

Emergency workers are searching through the wreckage of the building, with one person still thought to be missing.

According to witnesses, there was a strong smell of gas before the blast.

Local deputy mayor, Edouard Civel, said on social media the cause was a “gas explosion”.

But authorities said the cause of the blast had not yet been determined.

Paris prosecutor Laure Beccuau said after arriving at the scene that initial checks of camera footage suggested the explosion occurred within the building, which was next to the Val de Grâce church.

See this from Actu Forces de l’Ordre (browsers will translate) — DIRECT: Explosion in Paris. About fifty wounded including six in absolute emergency, according to a new assessment. Up to 16 people are in critical condition:

A terrible explosion occurred this afternoon in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, when rue Saint-Jacques, near the Val-de-Grâce hospital, a violent explosion started, causing a devastating fire. Rescue was quickly dispatched to the scene, while a major rescue device was put in place.

Update Thursday June 22 10:50 am : A new report reports around fifty injured people, six of whom are in absolute emergency. Fifty people were injured in Wednesday’s explosion in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, including six in absolute emergencies, learned Le Figaro at the Paris prosecution, confirming information from BFMTV. Until then, a previous assessment reported around thirty injured.

«Among the two people who were wanted under the rubble, one turned out to have been taken care of in the hospital before. Research continues for the second», specifies the Paris prosecution.

Update 9:47 p.m., Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin provides a new preliminary assessment of the incident, indicating that 33 people were injured with relative urgency, while four others are in absolute emergency and critically injured. He highlighted the possibility of finding bodies or people injured overnight, expressing his gratitude to the firefighters who will work tirelessly all night. More than 300 of them were already present in the early hours after the tragic event. …


Was this explosion a media distraction from a globalist summit?

We thank loyal reader BG for drawing our attention to this reader’s (Laurent) observation on the website of Olivier Demeulenaere (scroll way down):

Speaking of summit, radio silence. A world summit is currently being held in Paris in the 2nd arrdt at the Palais Brongniart organized by Macron on June 22 and 23 with the reception of 40 heads of state, the head of the UN, Von der Leyen, IMF, world bank, with quantity lobbies for the establishment of a new global financial pact, namely the financing of southern countries to deal with global warming and poverty. Macron, the opportunist, also wants to take advantage of this to convince the countries of the south to support the Ukrainian party in the current war, namely globalization, and not to be influenced by the Russians.

This summit is bound to cost a lot of money for France, and it’s important to avoid public protests. So the TV doesn’t talk about it and BFM diverts the public’s attention, since the media has plenty to occupy it with its spotlight on a big explosion that strangely enough occurred the day before in Paris, injuring 50 people and requiring lengthy rescue and clearing operations. (excellent timing)

Mind-boggling globalist speech by Macron, the young global leader, to save the planet and advance the MDGs; summit moderated by globalist Bilderberg member Amélie de Montchalin. …


We have no idea if this is true, but it’s certainly interesting —

Translation: we have news of the explosion yesterday in paris because it’s a private catholic building my wife knows by heart and there’s no gas!!!



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5 Comments on Dramatic Explosion at Historic Paris Building – a Distraction from Macron’s Globalist Shenanigans?

  1. Actually so far I don’t think Florian Philippot is controlled opposition, but he is sure overworked. His enthusiasm about Elon Musk is to be watched closely.

    Ahead of the US presidential election I told one of his staff about the bi-partisan meeting that planned to organize chaos in case of Trump winning in spite of the efforts to rig this vote, and he was surprised and grateful for the information and forwarded my message to Florian Philippot (article by Whitney Webb).
    By the way, the same chaos was planned in France’s big cities in case the rigging of our 2017 presidential election would have failed.

    I talked again in 2201 or early 2022 with another man of FP’s staff about why he doesn’t disclose the elections rigging. He told me : “some of us are aware of it, but not all, so we do not mention it officially”.

    My take on it is two-fold :
    1/ They fear many militants would leave the party if they thought the elections are a mirage.
    2/ They can disclose the truth once the public awareness has become larger.
    3/ The only way FP can disclose the truth now without risking his life (he did allude several times on twitter on how much more easy it would be to rig with new rules planned by the “government” though) is if he speaks out TOGETHER with the other heads of parties like NDA and Asselineau.

    But Asselineau hates him because this self centered guy hates everyone who doesn’t obey him and believes all others should recognize him as their boss… And Asselineau knows very well that the counts are rigged and has done nothing even to get back his own stolen votes in 2017 until locally forced by his militants. One of them disclosed this on her blog and wrote plain and simple that she left the party and he is a fraud.
    As to Marine le Pen, she has given up.

  2. Yeah, it seems like a distraction from something. And I’ve wondered about some of our favourites being controlled opposition. I couldn’t believe it when Philippot chose to IGNORE the evidence of vote-count tampering over Marine Le Pen at the presidentials, right before our eyes on TV. Thanks for all your input.

  3. Laurent has a clue that feels right to me on the reason for this explosion : avoiding gigantic demonstrations with concert of casseroles by drawing the attention away from A WORLD SUMMIT that is being held in Paris on the topic of a “new financial pact” = A “greenwashing summit” dedicated to the creation of new WORLD TAXES !!!

    Laurent dit : https://olivierdemeulenaere.wordpress.com/2023/06/22/ils-nont-pas-fini-de-detruire-lukraine-quils-se-reunissent-deja-pour-la-reconstruire/#comment-238021
    22 juin 2023 à 16:08

    En parlant de sommet, silence radio. Un sommet mondial se tient actuellement à Paris dans le 2ème arrdt au Palais Brongniart organisé par Macron les 22 et 23 juin avec accueil de 40 chefs d’Etat, le chef de l’ONU, Von der Leyen, FMI, banque mondiale, avec quantité de lobbies pour la mise en place d’un nouveau pacte mondial financier, à savoir le financement des pays du sud pour parer au réchauffement climatique et à la pauvreté. Macron, l’opportuniste, veut aussi en profiter pour convaincre les pays du sud de soutenir le parti ukrainien dans la guerre actuelle, soit la mondialisation, et ne pas se laisser influencer par les russes.

    Ce sommet doit coûter une facture très élevée pour la France et il faut éviter les casserolades. Donc la TV n’en parle pas et BFM détourne l’attention du public puisque le media a de quoi s’occuper avec ses projecteurs braqués sur une grosse explosion étrangement survenue la veille à Paris avec 50 blessés nécessitant des longues interventions pour des sauvetages et déblaiement. (excellent timing)

    Discours mondialiste hallucinant de Macron le young global leader pour sauver la planète et faire avancer les ODD ; sommet animé par la mondialiste membre du Bilderberg, Amélie de Montchalin.
    Sommet pour un nouveau pacte financier mondial (ouverture)

    Laurent dit : https://olivierdemeulenaere.wordpress.com/2023/06/22/ils-nont-pas-fini-de-detruire-lukraine-quils-se-reunissent-deja-pour-la-reconstruire/#comment-238032
    22 juin 2023 à 17:11

    Le mozart de la finance pyromane se moque des français réduits à être des vaches à traire. Il réclame des taxes mondiales et reconnaît que la France est un des pays le plus ponctionné au monde invitant les autres pays à faire de même et à s’inspirer de son esprit de créativité en matière de nouvelles taxes.

    «Vous êtes ici dans un pays à la pointe de la créativité en matière de taxes» : Macron a ironisé jeudi sur la forte pression fiscale française, plaidant pour l’internationalisation» des taxes.

    En France, «nous sommes numéro deux au niveau mondial en termes de niveaux» de prélèvements obligatoires. «Et pourtant nous avons une taxe sur les compagnies aériennes, nous avons une taxe sur les transactions financières. Nous avons mis en œuvre les deux», a-t-il ajouté, déplorant que le reste du monde n’ait pas suivi, malgré des années de débats en faveur de ces impôts.

    «Parfois, nous nous sentons un peu seuls», a poursuivi Emmanuel Macron. «Je suis un grand supporter de l’internationalisation de ces taxes, car cela réduirait mes problèmes»

    Laurent dit : https://olivierdemeulenaere.wordpress.com/2023/06/22/ils-nont-pas-fini-de-detruire-lukraine-quils-se-reunissent-deja-pour-la-reconstruire/#comment-238032
    22 juin 2023 à 18:18

    Je suis sidéré ; ce sommet est un évènement d’importance internationale équivalent à la COP21 visant à créer une fiscalité mondiale sous prétexte climatique indispensable à la mise en place d’une gouvernance mondiale, et aucun média ne le relaie sauf de façon identique en recopiant des dépêches de l’AFP, donc une censure orchestrée. Il y a une volonté de cacher l’évènement mondialiste aux français. C’est en partenariat avec la fondation Gates, Rockefeller, l’Open society, bloomberg, global citizen….
    Participation de +100 partenaires du secteur privé et philanthropes, +40 Chefs d’Etats et de gouvernement, +120 ONG

    Ce sommet révèle aussi l’opposition contrôlée en France qui se garde bien d’en parler: Philippot, Dupont Aignan ou encore Bercoff…..Certains sujets leur sont interdits?

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