Turkiye seeks BRICS membership

June 7, 2024 0

. ER Editor: Does this mean that Turkiye has already joined BRICS? Word on reliable backchannels is that Saudi Arabia quietly joined. Could most of the world already be in it and it just hasn’t […]


De-Dollarization Bombshell

May 16, 2024 0

. De-Dollarization Bombshell The Coming of BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary Ecosystem PEPE ESCOBAR Get ready for what may well be the geo-economic bombshell of 2024: the coming of a decentralized monetary ecosystem. Welcome to The Unit – a […]


Ukraine’s creditors want their money back – WSJ

May 6, 2024 0

. ER Editor: It sounds like Ukraine is quietly imploding. See this on Zelensky — Russia Issues Warrant to Arrest Ukraine’s Zelensky From last month (RT) — World Bank issues Ukraine bankruptcy warning The country’s […]


The Smug, Infantile Thievery of the Upper-Middle-Class

April 13, 2024 0

. ER Editor: Kudos once again to Elizabeth Nickson, this time for giving us an economic overview we can readily understand. ******** The Smug, Infantile Thievery of the Upper-Middle-Class Their wholesale abandonment of ethics has […]

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