Is Sweden A Failed State?

July 23, 2017 0

Sweden: A Failed State? JUDITH BERGMAN The Swedish state, in true Orwellian style, fights those Swedish citizens who point out the obvious problems that migrants are causing. When police officer Peter Springare said in February […]


Europe’s Refugee Crisis Now Destroying Sweden

July 7, 2017 0

Europe’s Refugee Crisis Is Now Destroying Sweden TRUE PUBLICA In 2015, at the height of the refugee crisis, Sweden took in more migrants per capita than any other European country. Then on April 7 this year, a […]


Huge advances by Syrian army transform Syrian war

June 22, 2017 0

Huge advances by Syrian army transform Syrian war Whirlwind advances of Syrian army send ISIS reeling and position Syrian army to recover all of central and eastern Syria from the Mediterranean to the Iraqi border. […]

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