Is France Quietly at War with Turkey?

April 5, 2018 0

Is France at War with Turkey? GEAROID O COLMAIN As Russian diplomats are expelled from Europe, bringing the world to the brink of war, the NATO military alliance in Syria appears to be disintegrating. On […]


France’s Le Pen Charged Over Islamic State Tweets

March 7, 2018 0

France’s Marine Le Pen Charged Over Islamic State Tweets  TYLER DURDEN In the latest example of the European Union’s disturbing new tendency toward outright suppression of any speech that bureaucrats in Berlin, Brussels, and elsewhere […]


France: The Migrant Crisis Spirals Out of Control

February 8, 2018 0

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project I can highly recommend Kern’s review piece detailing the current and historical problems of the EU migrant crisis centred around Calais in particular and France in general. […]


Europe: Making Totalitarianism Great Again

February 4, 2018 1

Europe: Making Totalitarianism Great Again JUDITH BERGMAN The European Union has programs in place that seek heavily to influence mainstream news outlets and journalists with its own agendas — such as that of continued mass-migration […]


Emmanuel Macron’s Neoliberal Blitzkrieg

January 28, 2018 0

Emmanuel Macron’s Neoliberal Blitzkrieg PHILIPPE MARLIERE Photo by EU2017EE Estonian | CC BY 2.0 The gambit is a well-known opening move in the chess game. The player makes a sacrifice, typically a pawn, for the […]

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