Replacement of The Population is Taking Place in Europe

June 15, 2017 0

A Replacement of Population is Taking Place in Europe GIULIO MEOTTI People-smugglers bring the migrants to the NGOs’ ships, which then reach Italian seaports. Another legal enquiry has been opened about the mafia’s economic interests […]


What is Really Going on in These EU elections?

June 4, 2017 0

What’s Really Going on in These EU elections? F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL The mainstream German, French and other EU media are having a field day since the lopsided bizarre victory of Emmanuel Macron, the former Rothschild […]


Germany: Wave of Muslim Honour Killings

June 1, 2017 0

Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings SOEREN KERN The court heard how Amer K. stabbed the mother of his three children in the chest and neck more than twenty times with a large kitchen knife, […]


France: No Go Zones Now in Heart of Big Cities

May 26, 2017 0

France: No-Go Zones Now in Heart of Big Cities YVES MAMOU “There are several hundred square meters of pavement abandoned to men alone; women are no longer considered entitled to be there. Cafés, bars and […]


Germany – Should Migrants Integrate?

May 21, 2017 0

Germany: Should Migrants Integrate? “We are an open society. We show our face. We do not wear burkas.” SOEREN KERN The list makes no mention of German culture as being the guiding or core culture […]

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