Vaccines and the Liberal Media

June 19, 2018 0

Vaccines and the Liberal Mind Instead of demanding blue-ribbon safety science and encouraging honest, open and responsible debate on the science, too many online outlets are silencing critics and shutting down discussion on this key […]


Trans brains different from non-trans people, MRI study

May 24, 2018 0

ER Editor: The RT report below links to two different scientific articles on this subject. We offer these links independently:  Brain structure and function in gender dysphoria and A study suggests structural difference in the brain […]


Genetics Is Undercutting the Case for Racial Quota Hiring

April 8, 2018 0

Genetics Is Undercutting the Case for Racial Quotas MICHAEL BARONE “I am worried,” writes Harvard geneticist David Reich in The New York Times, “that well-meaning people who deny the possibility of substantial biological differences among […]

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