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What is abundantly clear today is that we’re ruled by an exceptionally hostile elite – a corporate/banking cabal who use our top politicians (more correctly called technocrats) as their executive arm. The Big State, with its locked-in mechanisms, allows the true masters of our governments to implement all manner of nefarious policies anonymously, without citizen consent or recourse. Democracy is no more than very expensive theatre that we mindlessly pay for. At every opportunity, citizens’ taxes – which rightfully belong to them – are sucked up through various elaborate pretexts. The elite-owned media – ‘public’ or private – does no more than convince us that black is white, that our natural views, impulses and culture are wrong and beneath contempt. Our history has been breathtakingly distorted so as to confuse and destabilize us. Globalist economic policies, including jobs outsourcing to China, utilising cheap labour from within the EU, and forced mass migration producing a dirt-cheap labour pool, have been rendering local people increasingly poorer over the last 40 years. The destruction of our working classes has been decisive and brutal.

Probably not since the days of the Kennedys and De Gaulle have we had leading political figures that truly aim to serve the people, who have a personal vision and strength of character. All of them were murdered.

At ER, we defy labels, pigeonholing and reductive theoretical positions; we proudly aim to be ideology-free. We choose articles and videos for publication that reflect the following ideas at a minimum:

  1. What is good for the bottom 80% of the population?
  2. What does the majority of that 80% judge to be good for themselves?
  3. Are they informed truthfully and sufficiently to make the best, most considered decisions on their own behalf?
  4. Are they able to obtain through legitimate political mechanisms what is good for them?

The perspectives we choose on various topics – for example, neoliberal economics, forced mass migration, Brexit and the EU, the neoconservative assault on countries around the world, the ‘progressive’ agenda at home, the Big Pharma agenda, &etc. – can be viewed through this basic prism.

The Left/Right agenda is no more than an artificial divison, a construct imposed on us to convince us that our ‘enemy’ is just another ordinary person like ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most ordinary people simply want a decent, meaningful life in the company of other like-minded people. A large group of people, we believe, will be sensible, practical and compassionate in making key decisions through citizen-initiated referenda. An effective constitution should be in place at all costs to protect basic liberties. The people should own their own money supply.

Above all, the citizen is NEVER the property of the state, which should be there to merely serve.

We probably sound a lot like France’s Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes), a cause we defend wholeheartedly.

Enjoy our site.

Pam Barker, Director


Trusted authors and sites we regularly use (alphabetical):

Gilad Atzmon

Tim Ball

Vanessa Beeley

Phil Butler

Tucker Carlson

Michel Chossudovsky

Jonathan Cook

Alex Cristoforou & Alexander Mercouris (The Duran)

Alastair Crooke

Finian Cunningham

Manlio Dinucci

Guillaume Durocher

Matthew Ehret

F. William Engdahl

Pepe Escobar

Makia Freeman

Philip Giraldi

Laurent Guyenot

Michael Hudson

James George Jatras

Diana Johnstone

Peter Koenig

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Peter Lavelle (RT’s Crosstalk)

Tom Luongo

Thierry Meyssan

Moon of Alabama

Craig Murray

Gearoid O Colmain

Paul Craig Roberts

Alan Sabrosky

The Saker

Israel Shamir

Charles Hugh Smith

Ron Unz

Whitney Webb

Patrick Wood

Eric Zuesse


21st Century Wire

Children’s Health Defense (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

Consortium News

Covert Geopolitics

Electronic Intifada

Fort Russ

FreeWest Media

Gatestone Institute


Global Research

If Americans Knew

Information Clearinghouse

New Eastern Outlook



Sputnik News

Strategic Culture Foundation

Technocracy News

The Occidental Observer

UK Column

Unz Review





The Liberty Beacon Project is now expanding at a near exponential rate, and for this we are grateful and excited! But we must also be practical. For 7 years we have not asked for any donations, and have built this project with our own funds as we grew. We are now experiencing ever increasing growing pains due to the large number of websites and projects we represent. So we have just installed donation buttons on our websites and ask that you consider this when you visit them. Nothing is too small. We thank you for all your support and your considerations … (TLB)


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  1. Hello
    Looks like a great alternative elite media site.
    I like to sign up for your newsletter but cannot see on your website if there is one.
    Please advise.
    Regards baker

  2. The atmosphere and its albedo reflect away 30% of the incoming solar energy making the earth cooler. Remove the atmosphere, the earth receives 25% to 40% more kJ/h and as a result gets hotter. Radiative GreenHouse Effect theory claims exactly the opposite.

    That the earth without an atmosphere would be similar to the moon, blazing hot lit side, deep cold dark, is not just intuitively obvious, but that scenario is supported by UCLA Diviner lunar mission data and studies by Nikolov and Kramm (U of AK).

    This actual and indisputable fact negates, refutes and tosses RGHE theory straight onto the long established rubbish heap of failed scientific theories together with Vulcan, phlogiston, Martian canals, luminiferous aether, spontaneous generation, tabula rasa, phrenology and cold fusion.

    Zero RGHE, Zero CO2 warming, Zero man caused climate change.

    Since the earth is actually hotter without an atmosphere and RGHE just another failed theory doomed to the dumpster all the handwavium, pseudo-science, thermodynamic nonsense pretending to explain it follows close behind.

    Nick Schroeder, BSME CU ’78, CO PE 22774
    1014 Fuller Rd
    Colorado Springs, CO
    01 719 651 7383

  3. Great Job On Groundzeromedia Tonight Roger First Time My Wife And I Have Ever Heard Of You And The Liberty Beacon Website. But Roger You Have Us Sold On Your Website And Other Media Sources As Well. Good Day And Happy Holiday Seasons To All At The Liberty Beacon As Well. Charles & Pamala Forsyth & Family (11/19/2015)

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